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This is not a mock draft update. This is an alternate mock draft. My other mock draft is what I believe will happen. This is what I believe should happen. This will not be as frequently updated because I don’t change my opinion on what should happen as much as I change what I believe will happen, but you can expect updates on this after the combine, once right after the bulk of free agency is done, maybe once or twice through pro days and than once right before the draft. My other mock which I will call the “will” mock, will continue to be updated weekly. This mock will be called the “should” mock. 

This is based off of my 2010 NFL Draft Big BoardOff-Season Needs, and my NFL Draft Strategy

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Updated 4/19/10 


St. Louis Rams- QB Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame)

Detroit Lions- OT Russell Okung (Oklahoma State)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- DT Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska)

Washington Redskins- OT Charles Brown (USC)

Kansas City Chiefs- S Eric Berry (Tennessee)

Seattle Seahawks- QB Sam Bradford (Oklahoma)

Cleveland Browns- 3-4 DE Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma)

Oakland Raiders- DE Derrick Morgan (Georgia Tech)

Buffalo Bills- QB Tim Tebow (Florida)

Jacksonville Jaguars- CB Joe Haden (Florida)

Denver Broncos- WR Damian Williams (USC)

Miami Dolphins- RLB Brandon Graham (Michigan)

San Francisco 49ers- MLB Rolando McClain (Alabama)

Seattle Seahawks- OT Bruce Campbell (Maryland)

New York Giants- MLB Sean Weatherspoon (Missouri)

Tennessee Titans- DT Dan Williams (Tennessee)


San Francisco 49ers- OT Bryan Bulaga (Iowa)

Pittsburgh Steelers- S Earl Thomas (Texas)

Atlanta Falcons- DE Everson Griffen (USC)

Houston Texans- RB Jahvid Best (California)

Cincinnati Bengals- TE Jermaine Gresham (Oklahoma)

New England Patriots- WR Dez Bryant (Oklahoma State)

Green Bay Packers- RB CJ Spiller (Clemson)

Philadelphia Eagles- CB Kyle Wilson (Boise State)

Baltimore Ravens- 3-4 DE Jared Odrick (Penn State)

Arizona Cardinals- NT Terrence Cody (Alabama)

Dallas Cowboys- G Mike Iupati (Idaho)

San Diego Chargers- 3-4 DE Brian Price (UCLA)

New York Jets- RLB Jerry Hughes (TCU)

Minnesota Vikings- CB Brandon Ghee (Wake Forest)

Indianapolis Colts-OT Trent Williams (Oklahoma)

New Orleans Saints- OLB Eric Norwood (Penn State)


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