May 122012

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Preliminary 2011 NFL Predictions Using Trends

Top 50 Unrestricted Free Agents

Top 25 Undrafted Free Agents 


Bears waive C Alex Linnenkohl

Bears waive CB Ryan Jones

Bears waive WR Onrea Jones

Bears waive OLB Deron Minor

Bears waive G Johan Asiata

Bears waive WR Andy Fantuz

Bears waive OLB Tressor Baptiste

Bears waive CB Antareis Bryan

Bears waive OLB Jake Laptad

Bears waive WR Jimmy Young

Bears waive OT Josh Davis

Bears waive FB Eddie Williams

Bears waive P Spencer Lanning

Bears waive OLB Chris Johnson

Buccaneers waive MLB Tyrone McKenzie

Buccaneers waive DE Kyle Moore

Buccaneers cut DT John McCargo

Buccaneers waive RB Armando Allen

Cardinals waive C Kris O’Dowd

Cardinals cut S Matt Ware

Cardinals cut P Ben Graham

Cardinals cut C Ben Claxton

Cardinals cut QB Brodie Croyle

Cardinals cut OT Cliff Louis

Cardinals cut RB Reagan Maui’a

Cardinals waive WR Aaron Nichols

Cardinals cut G Tom Pestock

Cardinals waive RB William Powell

Cardinals waive TE Stephen Skelton

Cardinals waive WR Isaiah Williams

Cardinals waive OT D.J. Young

Cardinals waive S Jared Campbell

Cardinals cut CB Fred Bennett

Cardinals cut RLB Will Davis

Cardinals waive CB Marshay Green

Cardinals waive 3-4 DE Kenny Iwebema

Cardinals waive 3-4 DE Ricky Lumpkin

Cardinals waive 3-4 DE Jeremy Navarre

Cardinals waive CB Bryant Nnabuife

Cardinals waive RLB Cyril Obiozor

Cardinals waive MLB Kendall Smith

Cardinals cut MLB Pago Togafu

Cardinals waive CB Thad Turner

Cardinals cut S Matt Ware

Dolphins waive TE Dedrick Epps

Dolphins waive S Gerald Alexander

Dolphins waive WR John Matthews

Eagles cut OLB Rashad Jeanty

Eagles waive TE Cornelius Ingram

Eagles waive CB Jamar Wall

Eagles waive WR Rod Harper

Eagles waive RLB Chris Wilson

Eagles waive C A.Q. Shipley

Eagles waive FB Stanley Havili

Eagles waive C Dallas Reynolds

Eagles waive RB Graig Cooper

Falcons cut OLB Coy Wire

Falcons cut DE Chauncey Davis

Falcons waive DT Trey Lewis

Falcons waive RB Gartrell Johnson

Falcons waive TE Marquez Branson

Falcons waive FB Lucas Cox

Falcons waive C Paul Fenaroli

Falcons waive S Matt Hansen

Falcons waive WR Brandyn Harvey

Falcons waive DE Tom McCarthy

Falcons waive CB Kamaal McIlwain

Falcons waive C Ryan McMahon

Falcons waive S Rafael Priest

Falcons waive DE Kiante Tripp

Falcons waive S Suaesi Tuimaunei

Falcons waive OLB Bear Woods

Giants waive WR Todd Watkins

Giants waive CB Darnell Burks

Giants waive OT Brant Clouser

Giants waive DT Ibrahim Abdulai

Jaguars waive WR Armon Binns

Jaguars waive MLB Scott Lutrus

Jaguars waive DT Andrew Lewis

Jaguars waive CB Scotty McGee

Jaguars waive WR Dontrelle Inman

Jaguars cut TE Joey Haynos

Jaguars waive TE Tommy Gallarda

Jaguars waive RB Albert Young

Jets waive QB Drew Willy

Jets waive OT Dennis Landolt

Jets waive RB Chris Jennings

Jets waive C Zane Taylor

Jets waive WR Michael Campbell

Jets waive G Pete Clifford

Jets waive WR Dan DePalma

Jets waive G Nevin McCaskill

Jets waive MLB Joey LaRocque

Jets waive S Davon Morgan

Jets waive TE Keith Zinger

Jets waive MLB Brashton Satele

Jets waive G Trevor Canfield

Jets waive WR Scotty McKnight

Jets waive CB Ellis Lankster

Patriots cut MLB Ricky Brown

Patriots waive DT Darryl Richard

Patriots waive C Jonathan Compas

Patriots waive OT Corey Woods

Patriots waive TE Carson Butler

Patriots waive G Mike Berry

Patriots waive CB Buddy Farnham

Patriots waive RB Richard Medlin

Raiders waive FB James McCluskey

Raiders re-sign DT Derrick Hill

Rams waive FB Van Stumon

Rams waive DE Demario Ambrose

Rams waive CB Tae Evans

Rams waive OLB Pete Fleps

Rams waive OT Cody Habben

Rams waive G Randall Hunt

Rams waive CB Jeremy McGee

Saints cut TE Troy Humphrey

Saints cut S Pierson Prioleau

Saints cut S Chris Reis

Saints cut OT George Foster

Saints cut CB Quincy Butler

Saints cut CB Trumaine McBride

Saints cut DT Dexter Larimore

Saints cut WR Montez Billings

Saints cut TE Tyler Lorenzen

Saints cut OLB Dwight Roberson

Saints cut OT Jordan Black

Steelers waive RB John Clay

Steelers waive MLB Baraka Atkins

Steelers waive RLB Mario Harvey

Steelers waive MLB Chris McCoy

Steelers waive MLB Mortty Ivy

Steelers waive 3-4 DE Corbin Bryant

Steelers waive S Brett Greenwood

Steelers waive CB Macho Harris

Steelers waive CB Donovan Warren

Steelers waive DB Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith

Steelers waive RB James Johnson

Steelers waive C Colin Miller

Steelers waive OT Kyle Jolly

Steelers waive G John Malecki

Steelers waive G Trevis Turner

Steelers waive G Keith Williams

Steelers waive WR Armand Robinsin

Steelers waive WR Wes Lyons

Steelers waive WR Tyler Grisham

Steelers waive TE Jamie McCoy

Steelers waive K Swayze Waters

Texans cut DT Damione Lewis

Titans waive S Myron Rolle

Titans waive OLB Rennie Curran

Titans waive RB Herb Donaldson

Titans waive RB Stafon Johnson

Titans waive WR Yamon Figurs

Titans waive TE Riar Greer

Titans waive TE Cameron Graham

Titans waive G Thomas Gray

Titans waive RB Kestahn Moore

Titans waive CB Lequan Lewis

Titans waive WR Michael Preston

Titans waive FB Joe Tonzo

Titans waive DE Hall Davis

Titans waive WR James Kirkendoll

Titans waive G Pat McQuistan

Titans waive DE Julian Hartsell

Vikings waive RB Tristan Davis

Vikings waive DE David Akinniyi

Vikings waive G Byron Isom

Vikings waive CB Devon Torrence

Vikings cut DE Stylez G. White

Vikings waive S Ryan Hill

Vikings waive WR Jaymar Johnson


Bengals re-sign CB Leon Hall

Eagles re-sign CB Jamar Wall

Eagles waive CB Jorrick Calvin

Falcons waive QB Adam Froman

Jets sign CB Isaiah Trufant

Panthers waive FB Rashawn Jackson

Panthers waive DT Kentwan Balmer

Rams sign DT Marlon Favorite

Seahawks sign WR Owen Spencer

Seahawks cut G Brent Osborne

Titans resign Chris Johnson


Bengals sign DT Cornell Banks

Falcons sign CB Kelvin Hayden

Panthers claim FB Jerome Felton

Patriots CB Antwaun Molden

Seahawks re-sign WR Patrick Williams

Seahawks re-sign WR Chris Carter

Seahawks waive P John Gold

Seahawks waive CB Ron Parker

Raiders claim OLB Jeremy Leman

Raiders waive S Zac Etheridge

Rams sign WR Mark Clayton


49ers waive MLB Scott McKillop

49ers waive P Sam Paulescu

49ers waive RB Seth Smith

49ers extend RB Frank Gore

49ers waive WR Tyler Beiler

49ers waive OT Donovan Edwards

49ers waive G Nick Howell

49ers waive WR Kevin Jurovich

Bills waive MLB Brad Jefferson

Chargers waive MLB Jeremy Leman

Chargers waive WR Vidal Hazelton

Chargers waive RB Shawnbrey McNeal

Chargers waive OT Ryan Otterson

Chargers cut MLB David Binn

Chargers waive WR Travon Patterson

Chargers waive WR Cameron Kenney

Chiefs waive K Todd Carter

Cowboys sign K Dave Rayner

Dolphins waive OT Tyler Donahue

Eagles waive CB Isaiah Trufant

Falcons sign S James Sanders

Falcons re-sign C Brett Romberg

Falcons waive RB Philip Sylvester

Falcons waive OLB LaMarcus Thompson

Falcons waive WR Tim Buckley

Falcons waive WR Doug Beaumont

Falcons waive CB Kirk Belgrave

Falcons waive OLB Youri Yenga

Giants waive WR Duke Calhoun

Jets cut K Nick Novak

Jets cut P Chris Bryan

Jets waive WR Courtney Smith

Lions waive FB Jerome Felton

Packers cut WR Antonio Robinson

Packers waive G Adrian Battles

Packers waive MLB K.C. Asiodu

Panthers waive QB Tony Pike

Panthers waive G Duke Robinson

Panthers cut OLB Chris Massey

Patriots cut MLB Marques Murrell

Patriots waive WR Jeremy Ross

Raiders cut S Josh Bullocks

Raiders waive WR Damola Adeniji

Raiders waive WR Steve Goulet

Raiders waive FB Bryson Kelly

Raiders waive G Ben Lamaak

Raiders waive G Lou Eliades

Raiders waive DT Derrick Hill

Rams waive CB Mikail Baker

Rams waive CB Dionte Dinkins

Redskins waive WR Malcolm Kelly

Redskins waive QB Ben Chappell

Redskins waive K Clint Stitser

Redskins waive OT Xavier Fulton

Redskins waive MLB Eric McBride

Redskins waive TE Joe Torchia

Redskins waive S Dante Barnes

Redskins waive S Tyrone Grant

Redskins waive G Corey O’Daniel

Saints cut DE Alex Brown

Saints sign K John Kasay

Saints waive S DeAndre McDaniel

Saints waive CB Mark Parson

Saints waive OLB Ezra Butler

Saints waive C Ryan Taylor

Saints waive WR John Chiles

Saints waive WR Jarred Fayson

Saints waive G Roger Allen

Saints waive OT Dan Gay

Saints waive FB Kolby Hurt

Seahawks cut DT Jay Alford

Seahawks waive S Rickey Thenarse

Steelers waive RLB Chris Ellis

Steelers waive NT Anthony Gray

Steelers waive CB Niles Brinkley

Steelers waive WR Terrence McCrae

Texans waive WR Paul Williams

Texans waive G Darius Morris

Texans waive CB Antwaun Molden

Texans waive MLB Matt Marcorelle

Texans waive S Antonio Baker

Texans waive S Maurice Rolle

Texans waive CB Jason Teague


Bears waive DE Vernon Gholston

Bears waive DT Tank Tyler

Bears waive QB Trevor Vittatoe

Bears waive OLB Tanner Antle

Bears waive C J.C. Brignone

Bengals acquire CB Kelly Jennings from Seahawks for DT Clinton McDonald

Bengals cut DT Lolmana Mikaele

Broncos cut CB Nathan Jones

Broncos waive RB C.J. Gable

Broncos waive MLB David Veikune

Broncos waive G Shawn Murphy

Broncos waive G Curt Porter

Broncos waive OLB Braxton Kelley

Broncos waive MLB Deron Mayo

Browns claim G Oniel Cousins

Buccaneers cut CB Ashton Youboty

Buccaneers waive WR Aundrae Allison

Buccaneers waive WR Jock Sanders

Buccaneers waive TE Colin Franklin

Buccaneers waive S Vince Anderson

Buccaneers waive DT Brandon Gibeaux

Buccaneers waive WR Detron Lewis

Buccaneers waive P Robert Malone

Buccaneers waive FB Rendrick Taylor

Cardinals sign CB Fred Bennett

Cardinals waive RLB Brandon Sharpe

Cardinals cut FB Charles Ali

Cardinals waive WR Max Komar

Cardinals waive MLB Curtis Gatewood

Cardinals waive S Tommy Irvin

Cardinals waive MLB Duke Lemmens

Cardinals waive OT Eric Mensik

Cardinals waive OT Jason Speredon

Cardinals waive WR Daiveun Curry-Chapman

Chiefs waive CB Javes Lewis

Chiefs waive RB Tervaris Johnson

Chiefs waive MLB Erik Bahhtiari

Chiefs waive WR Chandler Williams

Chiefs waive WR Chris Manno

Chiefs waive WR Josue Paul

Chiefs waive CB Mario Russell

Colts sign S Michael Hamlin

Colts waive CB Cornelius Brown

Cowboys cut C Andre Gurode

Eagles extend QB Michael Vick

Eagles waive CB Jamar Wall

Eagles waive OT Spencer Johnson

Eagles waive TE Martell Webb

Eagles waive WR Gerald Jones

Jaguars cut QB Todd Bouman

Jaguars cut OLB Gerris Wilkinson

Jaguars waive WR Greg Ellingson

Lions waive TE Richard Dickson

Lions cut RB Mike Bell

Lions cut S Michael Johnson

Lions cut K Dave Rayner

Lions cut DT Montavious Stanley

Lions cut WR Marcus Harris

Lions cut WR Demario Ballard

Lions cut OLB DeJuan Fulghum

Patriots sign WR Tiquan Underwood

Patriots sign S Ross Ventrone

Patriots sign MLB James Dearth

Patriots cut S James Sanders

Patriots cut CB Jonathan Wilhite

Patriots cut FB Garrett Mills

Patriots cut NT Kate Weston

Patriots cut CB Malcolm Williams

Patriots cut K Chris Koepplin

Patriots cut MLB Matt Katula

Patriots waive WR Darnell Jenkins

Patriots waive WR Tyree Barnes

Patriots waive FB Eric Kettani

Rams cut OLB Na’il Diggs

Rams waive DE Kenneth Charles

Rams waive S John Dempsey

Seahawks waive G Zach Hurd

Seahawks waive WR Patrick Williams

Seahawks waive TE Ryan Travis

Seahawks waive WR Chris Carter

Seahawks waive CB Jesse Hoffman

Seahawks waive DT Teryl White

Seahawks waive OLB Neal Howey

Seahawks waive WR Brandon Smith

Texans sign WR Bryant Johnson

Texans waive P Brett Hartmann

Titans waive QB Brett Ratliff

Titans cut DT Jovan Haye

Titans cut S Nick Schommer

Titans waive WR Owen Spencer

Titans waive FB Patrick Hill

Titans waive OLB Jonathan Cornell

Titans waive OLB Kevin Malast

Titans waive P Chad Cunningham

Titans waive OLB John Stokes

Vikings waive QB Rhett Bomar

Vikings waive S Simeon Castille

Vikings waive DT Colby Whitlock

Vikings waive TE Ed Barham

Vikings waive WR Andre Holmes

Vikings waive G Conan Amituanai

Vikings waive OLB Kyle O’Donnell

Vikings waive OLB Jonathan Gilmore

Vikings waive CB Chris Adingupu

Vikings waive K Nate Whitaker


Bills waive WR Paul Hubbard

Bills waive RB Anthony Elzy

Bills waive CB Rajric Coleman

Bills waive P Reid Forrest

Bills waive CB Loyce Means

Bills waive OT Isaiah Thompson

Browns waive S Brett Johnson

Browns waive WR Jonathan Haggerty

Browns waive WR Juan Nunez

Browns waive DE Jabari Fletcher

Browns waive S Darian Hagan

Browns waive DE Kyle Anderson

Browns waive K Jeff Wolfert

Browns waive QB Troy Weatherhead

Colts cut G Josh Beekman

Colts waive KR Devin Moore

Colts waive S Chip Vaughn

Colts waive QB Mike Hartline

Colts waive OLB Cody Glenn

Colts waive S Mike Newton

Colts waive WR Joe Horn

Colts waive G Casey Bender

Dolphins sign S Gerald Alexander

Packers waive TE Spencer Havner

Packers waive WR Brett Swain

Packers waive OT Theo Sherman

Rams waive TE Schuylar Oordt

Rams waive WR Jared Jenkins

Rams waive WR Joe West

Steelers cut CB Kevin Dockery

Steelers waive WR Kenneth Moore

Steelers waive WR Eric Greenwood

Steelers waive TE Vaughn Charlton

Steelers waive TE Miguel Chavis


Bears waive CB Mike Holmes

Bengals waive QB Jordan Palmer

Bengals cut CB Fred Bennett

Bengals waive S Tom Nelson

Bengals waive CB LeRoy Vann

Bengals waive WR Jamere Holland

Bengals waive OLB Stephen Franklin

Dolphins waive MLB Mike Rivera

Jaguars sign OLB Jake Ingram

Panthers waive WR Trent Guy

Panthers waive DT Tommie Duhart

Panthers waive DT Louis Ellis

Panthers waive P Anthony Santella

Ravens waive WR Justin Harper

Ravens waive G Oniel Cousins

Ravens waive C Ryan Bartholomew

Ravens waive TE Jonathan Stupar

Ravens waive WR Terrell Zachery

Ravens waive WR Rodney Bradley

Ravens waive OT Brady Bond

Ravens waive 3-4 DE Cornell Banks

Ravens waive MLB Anthony Leon


Bills extend NT Kyle Williams

Broncos cut TE Dick Quinn

Dolphins cut CB K.J. Gerard

Dolphins cut 3-4 DE Johnny Jones

Dolphins cut CB Jose Perez

Eagles waive RB Derrick Locke

Eagles waive DT Marlon Favorite

Eagles waive OLB Brandon Peguese

Eagles waive WR Terrence Turner

Raiders sign CB Lito Sheppard

Raiders waive QB Jordan La Secla

Raiders waive G Alan Pelc

Titans sign WR Kevin Curtis

Titans waive WR Joe Hills

Vikings sign OLB David Herron

Vikings waive OLB Mark Washington


Bills cut CB Domonic Cook

Chiefs sign TE Anthony Becht

Jaguars waive WR Tiquan Underwood

Jaguars waive S Michael Hamlin

Jaguars waive MLB Slade Norris

Jaguars waive K Sam Swank

Jaguars waive P Brent Bowden

Panthers claim DT Kentwan Balmer


49ers waive TE Colin Cloherty

Bills sign WR Ruvell Martin

Bills sign MLB Kirk Morrison

Cardinals waive QB Max Hall

Cardinals sign P Dave Zastudil

Chargers sign MLB Kevin Bentley

Chargers waive TE Dennis Morris

Colts sign QB Kerry Collins

Cowboys cut WR Dominique Edison

Cowboys extend CB Orlando Scandrick

Falcons cut P Kenneth Parish

Giants sign CB Brian Williams

Giants waive LB Kenny Ingram

Jets claim G Nevin McCaskill

Lions sign C Chris Morris

Lions waive G Greg Niland

Patriots sign G Mike Berry

Ravens waive K Jacob Harfman

Seahawks waive DT Kentwan Balmer

Seahawks re-sign RB Vai Taua

Vikings waive WR Dominique Johnson

Vikings sign OLB Kyle O’Donnell


Bengals cut WR John Standeford

Bengals waive RB Jonathan Williams

Bengals waive WR Landon Cox

Bengals waive WR Bart Johnson

Bengals waive OT Andrew Gardner

Cardinals sign QB Brodie Croyle

Cowboys sign K Shayne Graham

Dolphins cut RB Kory Sheets

Dolphins sign RB Larry Johnson

Giants waive CB Brian Witherspoon

Giants sign DT Jimmy Kennedy

Jaguars sign RB Albert Young

Jaguars waive S Terrell Whitehead

Jets waive FB Brian Toal

Lions sign TE Gijon Robinson

Ravens sign OT Bryant McKinnie

Ravens sign RLB Michael McAdoo


49ers waive QB Jeremiah Masoli

49ers waive K Fabrizio Scaccia

49ers sign P Sam Paulescu

Bengals acquire S Taylor Mays from 49ers for an undisclosed pick

Broncos waive TE Dick Quinn

Browns extend OT Joe Thomas

Cardinals re-sign 3-4 DE Kenny Iwebema

Cardinals re-sign RB William Powell

Cardinals waive P Derek Epperson

Cardinals waive CB Desia Dunn

Raiders draft QB Terrelle Pryor with a 3rd round pick in the supplemental draft

Rams cut OLB Chris Massey

Seahawks sign OLB David Vobora

Seahawks waive RB Vai Taua

Steelers extend MLB Lawrence Timmons

Steelers re-sign G Trai Essex

Vikings sign RB Caleb King

Vikings sign DE Stylez G. White


Dolphins sign OT Tyler Donahue

Lions cut G Isaac Sowells

Jaguars sign TE Joey Haynos

Jaguars waive OL Rob McGill

Patriots waive S Bret Lockett

Patriots claim TE Garrett Mills

Ravens sign G Jason Murphy

Ravens waive OT Kyle Calloway

Ravens waive G Colin Madison

Redskins cut RB James Davis


Buccaneers sign DT John McCargo

Buccaneers waive DE E.J. Wilson

Cardinals extend WR Larry Fitzgerald

Eagles re-sign G Reggie Wells

Eagles waive WR Brandon Caleb

Eagles waive DT Charlie Noonan

Patriots sign LB Ricky Brown

Rams sign OT Cody Habben

Ravens sign OT Mark LeVoir


Colts waive G Jaimie Thomas

Panthers re-sign C Ryan Kalil

Patriots sign S James Ihedigbo


Falcons cut TE Justin Peelle

Saints sign CB Quincy Butler

Seahawks waive CB Marcus Brown

Titans sign RB Kehstan Moore


49ers sign QB Josh McCown

Bengals sign WR Calvin Russell

Bengals sign KR LeRoy Vann

Broncos claim DT DeMario Pressley

Jets sign RLB Aaron Maybin

Lions sign S Aaron Francisco

Lions waive S Randy Phillips

Rams sign RB Chase Reynolds

Redskins sign K Clint Stitser

Redskins claim RLB Thaddeus Gibson

Steelers sign CB Kevin Dockery

Steelers sign CB Macho Harris

Steelers waive WR Limas Sweed


Bengals cut DT Tank Johnson

Bengals waive TE Garrett Mills

Broncos cut RB LenDale White

Chargers waive LB James Holt

Chargers sign TE Charles Davis

Colts waive DT DeMario Pressley

Cowboys waive MLB Alex Daniels

Cowboys waive CB Ross Weaver

Dolphins sign WR John Matthews

Falcons sign TE Reggie Kelly

Falcons waive WR P.J. Gore

Giants re-sign S Deon Grant

Giants waive WR Sam Giguere

Giants waive CB Cary Harris

Giants sign K Rhys Lloyd

Patriots cut OT Mark LeVoir

Rams waive RB Eddie Wide

Redskins sign TE Tony Curtis

Saints sign RB Patrick Cobbs

Seahawks sign S Atari Bigby

Seahawks waive OT Caz Piurowski


49ers waive RLB Thaddeus Gibson

Bills cut RLB Aaron Maybin

Broncos waive DT Louis Leonard

Broncos waive OLB Derek Domino

Broncos claim OLB Alvin Bowen

Buccaneers sign CB Ashton Youboty

Colts sign DE Tyler Brayton

Colts cut QB Nate Davis

Dolphins sign MLB Marvin Mitchell

Eagles claim OT Jose Acuna

Giants sign S Derrick Martin

Packers cut MLB Diyral Briggs

Raiders sign S Josh Bullocks

Raiders sign S Matt Giordano

Rams waive QB Taylor Potts

Ravens waive DT Terron Sanders

Ravens sign K Jake Harfman

Saints cut OT Jon Stinchcomb

Titans sign OT Adam Terry


49ers sign TE Nate Lawrie

Buccaneers sign WR Aundrae Allison

Buccaneers sign WR Maurice Price

Falcons sign DT Carlton Powell

Lions cut OT Tony Ugoh

Patriots sign MLB Niko Koutouvides

Redskins cut K Shayne Graham

Seahawks sign RB Vai Taua

Seahawks sign OLB Michael Johnson

Seahawks waive RB Chase Reynolds

Seahawks waive DT Ladi Ajiboye

Steelers waive 3-4 DE RaShon Harris


Broncos sign WR Greg Orton

Broncos waive WR Mark Dell

Browns claim S Brett Johnson

Cowboys waive S Alex Ibiloye

Eagles sign G Joe Toledo

Eagles waive DT Brandon Collier

Eagles waive QB Jerrod Johnson

Eagles waive DT Charlie Noonan

Jaguars sign OLB Gerris Wilkinson

Jaguars sign P Brent Bowden

Jaguars waive OLB Alvin Bowen

Jaguars waive WR John Matthews

Lions sign CB Anthony Madison

Patriots cut C Chris Morris

Patriots cut 3-4 DE Stephen Williams

Rams sign CB Tae Evans


Chargers re-sign MLB Stephen Cooper

Cowboys sign WR Curtis Clay

Cowboys waive WR Titus Ryan

Jaguars waive P Durant Brooks

Jets waive MLB David Herron

Rams cut OLB David Vobora

Ravens acquire WR Lee Evans from Bills for 4th-round pick


Chiefs sign OT Jared Gaither

Jaguars sign DE Matt Roth

Jets waive 3-4 DE Carlton Powell

Jets waive S DaJuan Morgan

Jets waive MLB Stafford Gaitling

Lions sign OT Kirk Chambers

Lions waive OT Jeff Maddux

Steelers sign WR Jerricho Cotchery

Texans sign RB Javarris Williams

Texans sign WR Devard Darling

Vikings sign CB Tony Carter


Buccaneers waive WR Raymond Webber

Chiefs claim K Todd Carter

Chiefs sign WR Keary Colbert

Eagles sign WR Steve Smith

Jaguars sign OT Tony Moll

Lions sign C Rudy Niswanger

Lions sign S Michael Johnson

Patriots re-sign G Logan Mankins

Rams sign WR Jared Jenkins

Rams waive CB Chris Sims

Redskins sign TE Derek Schouman

Redskins waive QB Marc Verica

Redskins claim QB Matt Guiterrez

Saints sign OT Jordan Black

Saints cut OLB Danny Clark

Steelers sign WR Kenny Moore

Steelers waive WR Adam Mims


Bengals re-sign DE Jonathan Fanene

Chargers waive OT Nic Richmond

Colts claim TE Michael Matthews

Colts waive WR Kole Heckendorf

Colts sign G Josh Beekman

Dolphins sign CB K.J. Gerard

Dolphins sign MLB David Nixon

Jaguars sign QB Todd Bouman

Jaguars sign K Sam Swank

Lions sign RB Jerome Harrison

Lions sign RB Mike Bell

Lions cut FB Preston Dial

Lions waive CB Maurice Leggett

Patriots waive S Ross Ventrone

Rams sign OLB Ben Leber

Rams sign CB Jeremy McGee

Ravens sign OT Kyle Calloway

Ravens waive RB Walter Sanders

Titans sign S Anthony Smith

Vikings waive CB Marcell Gibson


49ers re-sign S Dashon Goldson

Bears waive QB Matt Guitierrez

Bears waive RB Dan Dierking

Colts waive TE Rob Myers

Eagles sign DT Marlon Favorite

Eagles waive WR DeAndre Brown

Eagles sign OLB Chris Wilson

Jets sign RLB David Herron

Lions sign DE Keyunta Dawson

Lions sign DT Montavious Stanley

Patriots cut S Brandon McGowan

Patriots re-sign 3-4 DE Gerard Warren

Ravens sign RB Ricky Williams

Ravens sign TE Kris Wilson

Ravens sign TE Michael Stupar

Ravens waive S Eugene Clifford

Ravens waive CB Michael Ricks

Texans waive 3-4 DE Zane Parr

Texans waive FB Justin Bartlett

Titans sign G Pat McQuistan


Cowboys claim QB Tom Brandstater

Falcons re-sign RB Jason Snelling

Giants sign TE Daniel Coats

Jets waive RLB Cody Brown

Panthers waive OLB Kelvin Smith

Patriots sign 3-4 DE Shaun Ellis

Patriots sign RLB Andre Carter


Broncos waive RB Mario Fannin

Broncos claim RB C.J. Gable

Cardinals sign S Matt Ware

Chiefs sign 3-4 DE Amon Gordon

Dolphins sign OT Ray Willis

Dolphins cut OT Micah Kia

Jets sign WR Derrick Mason

Panthers claim CB Chevis Jackson

Raiders sign WR Derek Hagan

Raiders sign WR Chad Jackson

Rams sign OT Quinn Ojinnaka

Rams re-sign G Adam Goldberg

Redskins cut MLB Robert Henson

Redskins re-sign MLB Keyaron Fox

Redskins waive 3-4 DE Joe Joseph

Redskins waive MLB Kyle O’Donnell

Saints re-sign DE Jeff Charleston

Saints waive OLB Curtis Johnson

Texans sign MLB Tim Dobbins


Bengals sign TE Bo Scaife

Buccaneers re-sign DE Tim Crowder

Buccaneers sign QB Jonathan Crompton

Buccaneers waive DT Doug Worthington

Chargers re-sign WR Malcom Floyd

Dolphins sign QB Kevin O’Connell

Dolphins waive QB Tom Brandstater

Eagles waive DE Ricky Sapp

Giants sign DE Dave Tollefson

Giants waive CB Bruce Johnson

Jaguars re-sign TE Marcedes Lewis

Jaguars sign P Durant Brooks

Jaguars waive P Brian Saunders

Jets sign G Trevor Canfield

Patriots cut 3-4 DE Marlon Favorite

Raiders sign TE Kevin Boss

Rams waive DT Teryl White

Rams waive MLB David Nixon

Ravens cut FB Jason McKie

Redskins sign OT Sean Locklear

Saints sign C Olin Kreutz

Steelers re-sign RLB LaMarr Woodley


49ers sign WR Braylon Edwards

49ers sign S Donte Whitner

Bengals claim TE John Nalbone

Bills sign WR Craig Davis

Broncos waive CB Chevis Jackson

Chiefs re-sign CB Brandon Carr

Chiefs sign S Sabby Piscitelli

Falcons re-sign CB Brent Grimes

Giants re-sign DT Rocky Bernard

Jets cut WR Jerricho Cotchery

Lions re-sign DE Cliff Avril

Lions sign G Isaac Sowells

Lions waive WR Michael Moore

Lions waive G Pat Illig

Lions waive CB Branden Bufford

Lions waive CB Brandon Stephens

Panthers sign WR Legedu Naanee

Rams re-sign DT Gary Gibson

Rams waive RB Chauncey Washington

Redskins sign C Donovan Raiola

Saints waive RB Lynell Hamilton

Seahawks re-sign DE Raheem Brock

Titans sign S Jordan Babineaux

Titans waive WR O.J. Murdock


49ers sign CB Carlos Rogers

49ers sign C Jonathan Goodwin

49ers sign MLB Blake Costanzo

Bengals re-sign OLB Brandon Johnson

Chargers sign WR Laurent Robinson

Chiefs sign FB Le’Ron McClain

Chiefs re-sign RLB Tamba Hali

Cowboys sign S Abram Elam

Eagles sign DT Derek Landri

Eagles sign DT Anthony Hargrove

Giants sign G Stacy Andrews

Jets re-sign S Brodney Pool

Lions re-sign OLB Bobby Carpenter

Lions cut OLB Zack Follett

Patriots re-sign RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis

Raiders sign G Justin Smiley

Raiders sign OT Stephon Heyer

Raiders re-sign C Samson Satele

Rams sign RB Cadillac Williams

Ravens sign S Bernard Pollard

Redskins re-sign MLB Rocky McIntosh

Redskins re-sign S Reed Doughty

Redskins re-sign 3-4 DE Kedric Golston

Saints sign OT Alex Barron

Texans sign FB Lawrence Vickers

Titans sign CB Frank Walker

Vikings re-sign OT Ryan Cook


Bears re-sign TE Desmond Clark

Bengals sign G Max Jean-Gilles

Broncos sign DT Ty Warren

Browns sign CB Dimitri Patterson

Colts sign DT Tommie Harris

Colts sign OLB Ernie Sims

Cowboys re-sign S Gerald Sensabaugh

Cowboys sign K Kai Forbath

Eagles sign OT Ryan Harris

Eagles sign RB Ronnie Brown

Eagles sign S Jarrad Page

Giants sign NT Gabe Watson

Giants cut G Herman Johnson

Jets re-sign MLB David Harris

Rams sign RB Jerious Norwood

Rams sign OLB Brady Poppinga

Ravens sign C Casey Rabach

Redskins re-sign QB Rex Grossman

Saints sign DT Aubrayo Franklin

Saints re-sign TE David Thomas

Saints sign S Paul Oliver

Saints re-sign TE Troy Humphrey

Seahawks sign TE Zach Miller

Seahawks re-sign DE Jimmy Wilkerson

Steelers sign TE John Gilmore

Vikings cut OT Bryant McKinnie


49ers sign S Madieu Williams

Bengals sign OLB Manny Lawson

Broncos acquire DT Brodrick Bunkley from Eagles for 2013 late-round pick

Broncos sign DE Derrick Harvey

Buccaneers re-sign OLB Adam Hayward

Colts sign QB Dan Orlovsky

Colts sign DE Jamaal Anderson

Cowboys re-sign 3-4 DE Jason Hatcher

Dolphins sign RLB Jason Taylor

Dolphins sign OT Marc Colombo

Dolphins cut MLB Tim Dobbins

Giants re-sign RB Ahmad Bradshaw

Giants sign TE Ben Patrick

Lions sign WR Maurice Stovall

Panthers sign QB Derek Anderson

Raiders re-sign OLB Kamerion Wimbley

Redskins sign K Shayne Graham

Redskins sign OT Willie Smith

Redskins re-sign CB Phillip Buchanon

Saints re-sign G Carl Nicks

Saints re-sign OT Zach Strief

Seahawks re-sign CB Kelly Jennings

Steelers re-sign NT Chris Hoke

Texans sign P Brad Maynard

Titans re-sign DE Jacob Ford

Titans re-sign DE Dave Ball

Titans re-sign FB Ahmard Hall

Vikings sign OT Charlie Johnson


49ers sign RLB Antwan Applewhite

Bears sign C Chris Spencer

Bears re-sign OLB Brian Iwuh

Bengals re-sign RB Cedric Benson

Bills sign MLB Nick Barnett

Broncos re-sign DT Marcus Thomas

Broncos sign TE Daniel Fells

Broncos sign TE Dante Rosario

Browns re-sign DT Derreck Robinson

Cardinals sign TE Todd Heap

Cardinals re-sign G Deuce Lutui

Chiefs sign MLB Brandon Siler

Chiefs re-sign OT Ryan O’Callaghan

Chiefs re-sign 3-4 DE Wallace Gilberry

Colts re-sign DT Antonio Johnson

Colts re-sign DT Eric Foster

Colts re-sign G Kyle DeVan

Dolphins sign NT Ronald Fields

Dolphins cut NT Chris Baker

Eagles sign G Evan Mathis

Falcons re-sign G Justin Blalock

Giants sign QB David Carr

Giants sign G Herman Johnson

Jets re-sign CB Antonio Cromartie

Jets sign WR Plaxico Burress

Jets re-sign QB Mark Brunell

Lions sign MLB Stephen Tulloch

Lions re-sign CB Chris Houston

Packers re-sign WR James Jones

Packers re-sign FB John Kuhn

Patriots re-sign OT Matt Light

Raiders re-sign S Michael Huff

Rams sign DT Daniel Muir

Ravens sign FB Vonta Leach

Redskins re-sign OT Jammal Brown

Redskins acquire RB Tim Hightower from Cardinals for 3-4 DE Vonnie Holliday and conditional late-round pick

Saints sign CB Fabian Washington

Saints sign DE Turk McBride

Seahawks cut MLB Lofa Tatupu

Seahawks sign DT Ryan Sims

Steelers re-sign CB William Gay

Steelers re-sign RB Mewelde Moore

Texans re-sign G Mike Brisiel

Texans re-sign G Kasey Studdard

Titans sign TE Daniel Graham


49ers sign MLB Larry Grant

Bears sign DT Amobi Okoye

Bears sign RB Marion Barber

Bears re-sign CB Corey Graham

Bears cut G Herman Johnson

Bengals sign CB Nate Clements

Bengals re-sign S Gibril Wilson

Broncos cut S Renaldo Hill

Broncos sign WR David Anderson

Browns acquire DT Brodrick Bunkley from Eagles for 5th-round pick

Browns re-sign G Billy Yates

Browns acquire G John Greco from Rams for late-round pick

Cardinals sign CB Richard Marshall

Cardinals sign G Pork Chop Womack

Cardinals re-sign CB Michael Adams

Chargers re-sign QB Billy Volek

Chiefs sign NT Kelly Gregg

Colts re-sign QB Peyton Manning

Colts re-sign RB Joseph Addai

Colts cut CB Kelvin Hayden

Eagles sign DT Cullen Jenkins

Eagles cut RB Noel Devine

Eagles re-sign OLB Akeem Jordan

Falcons re-sign WR Eric Weems

Jets re-sign S Eric Smith

Jets sign CB Donald Strickland

Patriots re-sign RB Kevin Faulk

Patriots re-sign S Brandon McGowan

Patriots re-sign MLB Tracy White

Raiders sign QB Trent Edwards

Raiders re-sign OLB Sam Williams

Raiders re-sign OT Khalif Barnes

Rams sign DT Justin Bannan

Rams re-sign G Jacob Bell

Ravens re-sign CB Chris Carr

Redskins cut G Mike Williams

Saints re-sign WR Courtney Roby

Steelers re-sign P Daniel Sepulveda

Texans cut DT Amobi Okoye

Titans sign MLB Barrett Ruud

Titans re-sign G Leroy Harris

Vikings sign WR Michael Jenkins


49ers cut C Eric Heitmann

Bears sign WR Roy Williams

Bears sign DE Vernon Gholston

Bears sign WR Sam Hurd

Bears re-sign DT Anthony Adams

Bears re-sign QB Caleb Hanie

Bears re-sign OLB Nick Roach

Bengals cut DE Antwan Odom

Bengals sign G Deuce Lutui

Bengals re-sign FB Brian Leonard

Bengals cut CB Morgan Trent

Bengals cut K Clint Stitser

Broncos sign RB Willis McGahee

Broncos re-sign K Matt Prater

Browns re-sign DE Jayme Mitchell

Cardinals sign MLB Stewart Bradley

Cardinals sign WR Chansi Stuckey

Cardinals re-sign S Hamza Abdullah

Cardinals re-sign TE Stephen Spach

Chargers re-sign C Scott Mruczkowski

Chargers sign RLB Travis LaBoy

Chiefs cut TE Brad Cottam

Chiefs re-sign TE Leonard Pope

Cowboys re-sign 3-4 DE Marcus Spears

Cowboys sign 3-4 DE Kenyon Coleman

Dolphins sign MLB Kevin Burnett

Dolphins cut MLB Channing Crowder

Dolphins sign QB Matt Moore

Eagles sign CB Nnamdi Asomugha

Eagles sign WR Johnnie Lee Higgins

Eagles sign TE Donald Lee

Falcons sign DE Ray Edwards

Falcons cut WR Michael Jenkins

Falcons cut DE Jamaal Anderson

Giants sign P Steve Weatherford

Jaguars sign S Dawan Landry

Jaguars sign CB Drew Coleman

Jaguars cut DE Derrick Harvey

Jaguars cut G Vince Manuwai

Jaguars cut S Tyron Brackenridge

Jets cut QB Mark Brunell

Jets cut QB Kevin O’Connell

Lions re-sign C Dylan Gandy

Packers cut MLB Nick Barnett

Packers cut MLB Brandon Chillar

Packers cut OT Mark Tauscher

Panthers cut DE Tyler Brayton

Panthers cut QB Keith Null

Panthers sign MLB Omar Gaither

Patriots cut 3-4 DE Ty Warren

Patriots cut OT Nick Kaczur

Patriots cut TE Alge Crumpler

Patriots re-sign CB Kyle Arrington

Raiders sign OT Jared Gaither

Rams sign G Harvey Dahl

Rams sign WR Mike Sims-Walker

Rams cut G Jacob Bell

Rams sign OLB Zach Diles

Rams sign CB Al Harris

Ravens re-sign RB Jalen Parmele

Ravens re-sign WR Marcus Smith

Ravens cut NT Lamar Divens

Redskins re-sign MLB H.B. Blades

Saints re-sign S Roman Harper

Saints re-sign OLB Danny Clark

Saints cut OLB Stanley Arnoux

Saints re-sign S Pierson Prioleau

Saints sign FB Korey Hall

Seahawks re-sign DT Brandon Mebane

Seahawks re-sign OLB Leroy Hill

Steelers cut OT Flozell Adams

Texans cut QB Dan Orlovsky

Titans sign DT Shaun Smith


49ers cut CB Nate Clements

49ers sign K David Akers

49ers cut K Joe Nedney

Bears sign P Adam Podlesh

Bears sign TE Matt Spaeth

Bears cut TE Brandon Manumaleuna

Bengals sign OLB Thomas Howard

Bills sign WR Brad Smith

Browns sign S Usama Young

Browns sign RB Brandon Jackson

Buccaneers sign G Davin Joseph

Buccaneers re-sign OT Jeremy Trueblood

Buccaneers sign P Michael Koenen

Cardinals acquire QB Kevin Kolb from Eagles for CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and 2nd-round pick

Cardinals re-sign C Lyle Sendlein

Cardinals sign 3-4 DE Nick Eason

Chargers re-sign 3-4 DE Jacques Cesaire

Chargers re-sign RB Mike Tolbert

Chargers re-sign WR Kelley Washington

Chargers re-sign CB Dante Hughes

Chargers cut TE Kris Wilson

Chargers cut CB Donald Strickland

Chargers cut RLB Brandon Lang

Chiefs cut G Brian Waters

Chiefs cut WR Chris Chambers

Dolphins acquire RB Reggie Bush from Saints for late-round pick and Jonathon Amaya

Eagles sign Vince Young

Eagles sign DE Jason Babin

Eagles cut FB Leonard Weaver

Eagles sign RB Derrick Locke

Falcons re-sign OT Tyson Clabo

Falcons re-sign K Matt Bryant

Falcons re-sign OLB Mike Peterson

Giants re-sign DE Mathias Kiwanuka

Giants cut FB Madison Hedgecock

Jaguars sign OLB Clint Session

Jaguars sign C Jason Spitz

Jaguars cut G Justin Smiley

Jaguars sign P Matt Turk

Lions sign CB Eric Wright

Lions sign WR Rashied Davis

Lions cut OLB Jordon Dizon

Lions sign CB Maurice Leggett

Packers cut DT Justin Harrell

Packers cut MLB Brady Poppinga

Panthers acquire TE Greg Olsen from Bears for 3rd-round pick

Panthers sign S Sean Considine

Patriots acquire 3-4 DE Albert Haynesworth from Redskins for 2013 5th-rounder

Patriots acquire WR Chad Ochocinco from Bengals for 2012, 2013 late-round picks

Patriots cut 3-4 DE Marcus Stroud

Raiders cut G Cooper Carlisle

Raiders cut CB Chris Johnson

Redskins sign 3-4 DE Stephen Bowen

Redskins sign G Chris Chester

Redskins cut C Casey Rabach

Redskins cut RB Chad Simpson

Redskins cut 3-4 DE Phillip Daniels

Redskins cut NT Ma’ake Kemoeatu

Redskins cut WR Roydell Williams

Redskins cut P Sam Paulescu

Redskins sign P Sav Rocca

Saints sign RB Darren Sproles

Saints re-sign OT Jermon Bushrod

Saints cut CB Randall Gay

Saints re-sign OLB JoLunn Dunbar

Saints re-sign OLB Scott Shanle

Seahawks sign DT Alan Branch

Seahawks re-sign FB Michael Robinson

Seahawks re-sign Junio Siavii

Steelers re-sign OT Willie Colon

Steelers cut WR Antwaan Randle El

Steelers re-sign OT Jonathan Scott

Texans sign CB Johnathan Joseph

Texans sign Danieal Manning

Titans cut DT Tony Brown

Vikings cut S Madieu Williams

Vikings sign DT Remi Ayodele

Vikings re-sign S Eric Frampton


49ers cut QB David Carr

49ers re-sign 3-4 DE Ray McDonald

49ers re-sign G Tony Wragge

Bengals sign QB Bruce Gradkowski

Bills re-sign CB Drayton Florence

Browns cut QB Jake Delhomme

Buccaneers re-sign OLB Quincy Black

Chargers re-sign S Eric Weddle

Chargers re-sign RLB Antwan Barnes

Chargers cut WR Craig Davis

Chiefs sign WR Steve Breaston

Chiefs re-sign S Jon McGraw

Colts re-sign S Melvin Bullitt

Colts re-sign K Adam Vinatieri

Cowboys cut OT Robert Brewster

Dolphins re-sign 3-4 DE Tony McDaniel

Dolphins sign MLB Jason Trusnik

Falcons re-sign OLB Stephen Nicholas

Giants cut DT Rocky Bernard

Giants sign C David Baas

Jets re-sign WR Santonio Holmes

Jets re-sign K Nick Folk

Lions sign OLB Justin Durant

Lions re-sign QB Drew Stanton

Packers re-sign K Mason Crosby

Panthers re-sign RB DeAngelo Williams

Panthers sign K Olindo Mare

Panthers sign DT Ron Edwards

Panthers sign TE Ben Hartsock

Panthers re-sign OLB James Anderson

Panthers cut K John Kasay

Patriots re-sign RB Sammy Morris

Rams re-sign G John Greco

Ravens re-sign OLB Prescott Burgess

Redskins sign CB Josh Wilson

Redskins sign WR Donte’ Stallworth

Redskins sign QB Kellen Clemens

Redskins acquire WR Jabar Gaffney from Broncos for DE Jeremy Jarmon

Redskins sign WR Brandon Stokley

Saints re-sign WR Lance Moore

Saints sign OLB Will Herring

Saints sign CB Leigh Torrence

Seahawks sign WR Sidney Rice

Seahawks sign G Robert Gallery

Seahawks re-sign OLB Matt McCoy

Steelers cut OT Max Starks

Steelers sign K Shaun Suisham

Texans re-sign WR Jacoby Jones

Texans sign WR Jeff Maehl

Texans re-sign QB Matt Leinart

Titans sign QB Matt Hasselbeck

Titans cut QB Vince Young

Vikings acquire QB Donovan McNabb from Redskins for 2012 6th-rounder, 2013 conditional 6th-rounder

Vikings cut RB Derrick Locke

Vikings re-sign K Ryan Longwell


49ers re-sign QB Alex Smith

Bears sign WR Dane Sanzenbacher

Bills sign QB Tyler Thigpen

Broncos sign QB Adam Weber

Cardinals sign TE Jeff King

Cardinals re-sign P Ben Graham

Cardinals cut QB Derek Anderson

Cardinals cut MLB Gerald Hayes

Chargers re-sign OT Jeromey Clary

Chargers sign MLB Takeo Spikes

Chargers re-sign TE Randy McMichael

Chargers cut RLB Jyles Tucker

Chiefs re-sign C Casey Wiegmann

Chiefs re-sign WR Terrance Copper

Colts sign QB Nate Davis

Colts sign RB Darren Evans

Cowboys re-sign OT Doug Free

Cowboys cut WR Roy Williams

Cowboys cut G Leonard Davis

Cowboys cut OT Marc Colombo

Cowboys cut RB Marion Barber

Cowboys cut K Kris Brown

Dolphins sign QB Pat Devlin

Eagles sign WR DeAndre Brown

Eagles sign RB Noel Devine

Giants cut G Rich Seubert

Giants cut C Shaun O’Hara

Giants sign MLB Mark Herzlich

Giants re-sign G Kevin Boothe

Giants cut OT Shawn Andrews

Jaguars sign MLB Paul Posluszny

Jaguars sign WR Armon Binns

Jets re-sign OT Wayne Hunter

Jets sign MLB Nick Bellore

Lions cut WR Bryant Johnson

Panthers re-sign DE Charles Johnson

Patriots cut RLB Tully Banta-Cain

Raiders sign DE Jarvis Moss

Rams sign S Quintin Mikell

Rams sign TE Schuylar Oordt

Ravens re-sign OT Marshal Yanda

Ravens sign C Tim Barnes

Redskins sign NT Barry Cofield

Redskins re-sign WR Santana Moss

Redskins cut P Josh Bidwell

Seahawks sign QB Tarvaris Jackson

Steelers re-sign CB Ike Taylor

Texans sign WR Terrence Toliver

Texans re-sign OT Rashad Butler

Vikings cut DT Jimmy Kennedy

Vikings sign RB Derrick Locke

Vikings sign WR Devin Aromashodu


49ers sign NT Ian Williams

Bears sign C Alex Linnenkohl

Bills sign TE Zach Pianalto

Broncos cut RB Correll Buckhalter

Broncos sign WR Mark Dell

Broncos sign RB Mario Fannin

Cardinals sign C Kris O’Dowd

Colts sign S Joe Lefeged

Eagles sign DT Cedric Thornton

Falcons sign DE Ryan Winterswyk

Giants sign OT Jarriel King

Giants sign FB Henry Hynoski

Jaguars sign MLB Scott Lutrus

Jaguars sign OLB Eric Gordon

Lions sign TE Preston Dial

Packers sign WR Tori Gurley

Panthers sign CB Kendric Burney

Panthers sign DE Ugo Chinasa

Panthers sign WR Darvin Adams

Ravens cut RB Willis McGahee

Ravens cut NT Kelly Gregg

Ravens cut TE Todd Heap

Ravens cut WR Derrick Mason

Ravens sign RB Damien Berry

Saints sign S DeAndre McDaniel

Seahawks cut G Stacy Andrews

Seahawks sign DE Pierre Allen

Seahawks sign S Jeron Johnson

Steelers sign TE Weslye Saunders


Raiders resign G Daniel Loper

Raiders resign RB Michael Bennett

Raiders resign QB Kyle Boller

Raiders resign S Hiram Eugene


Packers tender MLB Spencer Havner


Bears tender RB Kahlil Bell

Packers resign S Charlie Peprah


Broncos cut 3-4 DE Justin Bannan

Broncos cut NT Jamal Williams

Browns resign MLB D’Qwell Jackson

Browns resign TE Alex Smith

Browns resign QB Seneca Wallace

Buccaneers cut OLB Jon Alston

Chargers sign S Bob Sanders

Dolphins cut FB Deon Anderson

Dolphins resign G Richie Incognito

Giants resign WR Domenik Hixon

Jaguars resign CB David Jones

Jaguars resign S Tyron Brackenridge

Jaguars resign WR Jason Hill

Lions cut OLB Julian Peterson

Packers resign MLB AJ Hawk

Panthers sign TE Jeremy Shockey

Rams resign CB Justin King

Redskins sign S OJ Atogwe

Saints resign RB Pierre Thomas

Seahawks cut QB Nate Davis

Seahawks cut TE Chris Baker

Texans resign TE Owen Daniels

Texans resign RB Derrick Ward

Vikings resign DE Brian Robison


Broncos cut TE Daniel Graham

Giants resign RB D.J. Ware

Jets cut TE Ben Hartsock

Packers cut MLB A.J. Hawk

Packers cut TE Donald Lee


Bills resign S George Wilson

Patriots sign 3-4 DE Marcus Stroud

Redskins cut G Derrick Dockery

Saints sign DT Shaun Rogers

Saints resign K Garrett Hartley

Seahawks resign RB Leon Washington


Bears cut DT Tommie Harris

Bears cut MLB Hunter Hillenmeyer

Bears cut OT Kevin Shaffer

Jaguars resign QB Luke McCown

Jets cut OT Damien Woody

Jets cut 3-4 DE Vernon Gholston

Jets cut RLB Jason Taylor

Jets cut NT Kris Jenkins

Redskins cut RB Clinton Portis

Seahawks resign CB Kennard Cox


Patriots resign S Josh Barrett

Vikings resign WR Jaymar Johnson


Dolphins franchise NT Paul Soliai

Raiders resign CB Stanford Routt

Raiders franchise OLB Kamerion Wimbley

Raiders resign DT John Henderson

Titans resign P Brett Kern


Jaguars franchise TE Marcedes Lewis


Broncos resign CB Champ Bailey

Browns franchise K Phil Dawson

Buccaneers resign CB Ronde Barber

Colts sign DT DeMario Pressley

Panthers franchise C Ryan Kalil

Saints cut TE Jeremy Shockey

Seahawks resign CB Roy Lewis


Vikings franchise OLB Chad Greenway


Eagles sign OLB Rashad Jeanty


Colts cut S Bob Sanders

Lions sign S Erik Coleman

Rams cut S O.J. Atogwe

Texans cut S Eugene Wilson

Texans cut WR Andre’ Davis

Texans cut OLB Isaiah Greenhouse

Texans cut DT DeMario Pressley

Texans cut OLB Darnell Bing


Falcons resign DT Trey Lewis


Bills cut 3-4 DE Marcus Stroud

Chiefs franchise RLB Tamba Hali

Raiders resign DT Richard Seymour


Chargers franchise WR Vincent Jackson

Colts franchise QB Peyton Manning

Eagles franchise QB Michael Vick

Eagles transition tag K David Akers

Jets franchise MLB David Harris

Ravens franchise 3-4 DE Haloti Ngata

Steelers franchise RLB LaMarr Woodley


Patriots franchise G Logan Mankins


Bills resign S Jon Corto

Eagles sign DE Phillip Hunt


Lions cut CB Eric King


Browns cut DT Shaun Rogers

Browns cut OT John St. Clair

Browns cut MLB Eric Barton

Browns cut TE Robert Royal

Browns cut RLB David Bowens

Browns cut 3-4 DE Kenyon Coleman

Falcons cut S Erik Coleman

Jets sign K Nick Novak


Rams cut FB Mike Karney


Jaguars cut OT Jordan Black


Ravens resign P Sam Koch


Cincinnati Bengals resign Leon Hall

Tennessee Titans resign Chris Johnson

San Francisco 49ers resign Frank Gore

Philadelphia Eagles resign Michael Vick

Buffalo Bills resign Kyle Williams

Dallas Cowboys resign Orlando Scandrick

Baltimore Ravens sign Bryant McKinnie

Oakland Raiders draft Terrelle Pryor with a 3rd round pick in the supplemental draft

San Francisco 49ers trade Taylor Mays to Cincinnati Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers resign Lawrence Timmons

Cleveland Browns resign Joe Thomas

Carolina Panthers resign Matt Kalil

Arizona Cardinals resign Larry Fitzgerald

Baltimore Ravens resign Chris Carr

New Orleans Saints sign Aubrayo Franklin

New York Jets sign Aaron Maybin

Kansas City Chiefs sign Jared Gaither

Jacksonville Jaguars sign Matt Roth

Philadelphia Eagles sign Steve Smith

Buffalo Bills trade Lee Evans to Baltimore Ravens

New England Patriots resign Logan Mankins

San Francisco 49ers sign Dashon Goldson

Baltimore Ravens sign Ricky Williams

New York Jets sign Derrick Mason

Oakland Raiders resign Stanford Routt

New England Patriots sign Andre Carter

New England Patriots sign Shaun Ellis

San Diego Chargers resign Malcom Floyd

Green Bay Packers resign James Jones

New Orleans Saints sign Olin Kreutz

Jacksonville Jaguars resign Marcedes Lewis

Pittsburgh Steelers resign LaMarr Woodley

Oakland Raiders sign Kevin Boss

Indianapolis Colts sign Tommie Harris

San Francisco 49ers sign Braylon Edwards

New York Giants resign Mathias Kiwanuka

San Francisco 49ers sign Donte Whitner

Dallas Cowboys sign Abram Elam

Kansas City Chiefs resign Tamba Hali

San Francisco 49ers sign Jonathan Goodwin

New York Jets resign David Harris

Seattle Seahawks sign Zach Miller

Philadelphia Eagles sign Ronnie Brown

Dallas Cowboys resign Gerald Sensabaugh

Denver Broncos sign Ty Warren

Oakland Raiders resign Michael Huff

Kansas City Chiefs sign Steve Breaston

Jacksonville Jaguars sign Dawan Landry

New England Patriots resign Matt Light

Cincinnati Bengals sign Manny Lawson

Carolina Panthers sign Derek Anderson

Oakland Raiders resign Kamerion Wimbley

Indianapolis Colts resign Joseph Addai

Pittsburgh Steelers resign Ike Taylor

New York Giants resign Ahmad Bradshaw

Chicago Bears sign Amobi Okoye

Chicago Bears sign Marion Barber

Chicago Bears sign Chris Spencer

Philadelphia Eagles trade Brodrick Bunkley to the Broncos

Atlanta Falcons resign Justin Blalock

New York Jets resign Antonio Cromartie

Washington Redskins resign Jammal Brown

Arizona Cardinals trade Tim Hightower to Washington

Cincinnati Bengals sign Nate Clements

Cincinnati Bengals resign Cedric Benson

Detroit Lions resign Chris Houston

Baltimore Ravens sign Vonta Leach

Detroit Lions sign Stephen Tulloch

New York Jets sign Plaxico Burress

Arizona Cardinals sign Todd Heap

Buffalo Bills sign Nick Burnett

Tennessee Titans sign Barrett Ruud

Philadelphia Eagles sign Cullen Jenkins

Indianapolis Colts resign Peyton Manning

Kansas City Chiefs sign Kelly Gregg

Chicago Bears sign Vernon Gholston

Chicago Bears resign Anthony Adams

St. Louis Rams sign Mike Sims Walker

Miami Dolphins sign Kevin Burnett

New Orleans Saints resign Roman Harper

Seattle Seahawks resign Brandon Mebane

Dallas Cowboys resign Marcus Spears

Chicago Bears sign Roy Williams

Philadelphia Eagles sign Nnamdi Asomugha

New Orleans Saints resign Jermon Bushrod

Miami Dolphins sign Matt Moore

Denver Broncos sign Willis McGahee

Atlanta Falcons sign Ray Edwards

Philadelphia Eagles sign Vince Young

Houston Texans sign Danieal Manning

Tampa Bay Buccaneers resign Davin Joseph

Carolina Panthers extend Jon Beason

New Orleans Saints sign Darren Sproles

Atlanta Falcons resign Tyson Clabo

Houston Texans sign Johnathan Joseph

Chicago Bears trade Greg Olsen to Carolina

Pittsburgh Steelers resign Willie Colon

Cincinnati Bengals trade Chad Ochocinco to the Patriots

Washington Redskins sign Chris Chester

Jacksonville Jaguars sign Clint Sessions

New Orleans Saints trade Reggie Bush to Miami Dolphins

Washington Redskins trade Albert Haynesworth to New England

Philadelphia Eagles sign Jason Babin

Philadelphia Eagles trade Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals

Washington Redskins sign Stephen Bowen

Dallas Cowboys resign Kyle Kosier

Buffalo Bills sign Brad Smith

San Diego Chargers sign Takeo Spikes

Seattle Seahawks sign Sidney Rice

Carolina Panthers resign James Anderson

San Francisco 49ers resign Ray McDonald

Washington Redskins sign Josh Wilson

Buffalo Bills resign Drayton Florence

Tampa Bay Buccaneers resign Quincy Black

Washington Redskins trade Donovan McNabb to Minnesota

Carolina Panthers resign DeAngelo Williams

San Diego Chargers resign Eric Weddle

New York Jets resign Santonio Holmes

Atlanta Falcons resign Stephen Nicholas

Tennessee Titans sign Matt Hasselbeck

Washington Redskins sign Barry Cofield

Baltimore Ravens resign Marshal Yanda

St. Louis Rams sign Quintin Mikell

Seattle Seahawks sign Tarvaris Jackson

San Francisco 49ers resign Alex Smith

Jacksonville Jaguars sign Paul Posluszny

Dallas Cowboys resign Doug Free

Carolina Panthers resign Charles Johnson

Washington Redskins resign Santana Moss

San Diego Chargers resign Jeromey Clary

Oakland Raiders resign Richard Seymour

Denver Broncos resign Champ Bailey

Houston Texans resign Owen Daniels

New Orleans Saints resign Pierre Thomas

Green Bay Packers resign AJ Hawk

Washington Redskins sign OJ Atogwe

San Diego Chargers sign Bob Sanders

New Orleans Saints sign Shaun Rogers

New England Patriots sign Marcus Stroud

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