Sep 112012

Last week: 31 (+0)

Record: 0-1

It’s tough to learn much about the Raiders for their first game, except that they seem to be unable to not shoot themselves in the foot. An injury to their long snapper did them in as they went on to bungle 3 punts (1 blocked, 2 fumbled snaps), but they might have lost anyway. They only gave up 9 points off their 3 mistakes and they lost by 8. There’s no guarantee they would have held them scoreless on all 3 of those drives and 8 of their points game on a garbage time touchdown against prevent defense. It was an ugly game all around. The Chargers will get better as the season goes on. They’re always like this when the season starts. But that probably won’t be the case for the Raiders and I saw no reason to move them up from the bottom end of my Power Rankings.


ROLB Phillip Wheeler: Allowed 7 completions for 41 yards on 8 attempts, 1 pass deflection, 6 solo tackles and 4 stops on 22 run snaps, 1 quarterback pressure on 8 blitzes

MLB Rolando McClain: Allowed 1 completion for 4 yards on 1 attempt, 4 solo tackles, 3 assists, 4 stops on 22 run snaps, 2 quarterback pressures on 6 blitzes


RT Khalif Barnes: Allowed 1 sack and 4 quarterback pressures on 54 pass block snaps, run blocked for 1 yard on 1 attempt

LG Cooper Carlisle: Allowed 1 quarterback hit and 2 quarterback pressures on 54 pass block snaps, run blocked for 12 yards on 5 attempts

RG Mike Brisiel: Allowed 1 quarterback hit and 3 quarterback pressures on 54 pass block snaps, run blocked for 0 yards on 1 attempt

WR Rod Streater: 4 catches for 27 yards and a touchdown on 9 targets, 1 drop

CB Ronald Bartell: Allowed 4 catches for 73 yards on 4 attempts, 3 solo tackles and 1 missed tackle on 6 run snaps

DT Tommy Kelly: 0 sacks, quarterback hits, or quarterback pressures on 26 pass rush snaps, 3 solo tackles and 3 stops on 18 run snaps, 2 penalties

MLB Travis Goethel: 2 fumbled snaps, 1 missed tackle on special teams

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