May 142012

Along with linebacker, safety was a large and publicly shamed part of the Eagles’ defensive struggles last year as they went 8-8 and missed the playoffs in a season where most projected them to win 12, 13, or even 14 games. They addressed the linebacker position both through the draft and through trade this offseason, but have not added a safety to the mix, instead opting to hope their young talent improves.

Nate Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett have been 2nd round picks in 2010 and 2011 respectively, but neither have played well. According to Head Coach Andy Reid, Allen is in the starting lineup and they expect him to have a bounce back or potentially breakout season this year. Jarrett, on the other hand, is not in the starting lineup as the Eagles are opting for the more veteran Kurt Coleman, who started most of last season. That could change in training camp, but it appears Jarrett has an uphill battle to be the starter week 1.

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