May 122012

Deal for Ravens:

Alright, everyone hands put your hands where I can see them, hands up. This poor action movie imitation is my way of showing that the Ravens just committed armed robbery. 30 teams’ fans right now are kicking themselves because there team wasn’t the one to pull this deal off.

Grade: A

Deal for Cardinals

Meanwhile Cardinals’ fans are probably hanging themselves. After 2 good years, that miserable franchise stench is coming back. They have lost Antrel Rolle and Kurt Warner already this offseason. They are probably going to lose Karlos Dansby and they might cut Adrian Wilson too and now they have lost Boldin. The truth is, though they could have gotten more value for their star receiver, they have the receiver depth to overcome this. Steve Breaston is more than capable of being a #2 and Early Doucet is a 2008 3rd round pick who showed good upside last year. He should be more than capable of replacing Breaston in the slot in Arizona’s 3 wide receiver offense. Still, though, not a happy day for Cardinals fans.

Grade: C+

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