Anthony Davis

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May 122012


Offensive Tackle


6-5 323

40 time: 5.35

Draft board overall prospect rank: #44

Draft board offensive tackle rank: #6

Overall rating: 79* 

3/15/10: How can I lower his stock if he didn’t do anything? Well simply that, he did nothing. He didn’t show up to his Pro Day, canceling at the last minute (Andre Smith anyone?). He needed to be in shape for his Pro Day after showing up out of shape to The Combine, but he didn’t even show up to the Pro Day, probably because he was even more out of shape. This show he lacks commitment (bailing at the last minute) and work ethic (being out of shape). Neither of those things are good for an offensive lineman. This guy might as well have BUST stamped across his forehead.

2/25/10: How does a 323 pound tackle bench 225 pounds a mere 21 times. There were already questions about his work ethic coming into this week and now the Andre Smith comparisons seem to be becoming more and more accurate. The upside is there, but is anything else?

1/19/10: He’s that Jason Peters type left tackle, overrated against the pass, but a huge mauler against the run. He’s only 20 years old and is still inexperienced at the left tackle position and has huge upside as a pass blocker, but right now the 330 pound tackle’s best attribute is his mauling run blocking and ability to use his large frame to his advantage. 

            6/29/09: Anthony Davis is a massive offensive lineman with huge potential. He’s a natural guard and an excellent run blocker, but Rutgers moved him over to offensive tackle because of his large size. He flawlessly made the transition to offensive tackle, using his long arms and strong upper body to protect Mike Teel, who led one of the Big East’s most electrifying offenses last season. He’s still very raw and struggles with the fundamentals at left tackle, but he’s the type of guy that coaches and GMs will take a chance on at the next level, with his high potential, and also knowing that he can play guard and probably right tackle if he doesn’t pan out at left. He’s a bit slow on his feet, which is expected because of his size. However, speed rushers can still blow past him. He doesn’t always play up to his size and he doesn’t always quite know how to use his size to his advantage. Still, the upside is there and with the way teams have been reaching for left tackles, Davis has a very good shot of going in the first round, assuming he continues to grow and learn the fundamentals of his new position as expected.

NFL Comparison: Andre Smith

*For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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