May 152012

On a day where Wes Welker himself said he would not hold out into the season, Matt Forte reportedly will not do so as well, though unlike with Welker, Forte himself didn’t say it. Brad Briggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that there is “no chance” that Forte holds out into the season. I wouldn’t call it as sure thing as Welker and while I don’t expect either to hold out into the season, I do expect Forte’s holdout to last longer, maybe even into training camp.

Forte and the Bears are not close in contract negotiations and Forte was offended when the Bears signed Michael Bush to be his backup, before giving him the extension he wanted. If Forte holds out long into Training Camp, he could get out of shape like Chris Johnson was early last season after a long holdout.

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  1. do u think that matt forte will get a extension before the season starts

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