Dec 312016

Cincinnati Bengals (5-9-1) at Baltimore Ravens (8-7) When both are fully healthy, I have the Bengals a little higher than the Ravens, as they rank 14th in first down rate differential and the Ravens rank 21st, but the Bengals are far from fully healthy right now. Not only are they missing wide receiver AJ Green […]

Dec 242016

Cincinnati Bengals (5-8-1) at Houston Texans (7-7) The Bengals were expecting to get top wide receiver AJ Green back from injury this week, after a 4-game absence with a hamstring injury. Green even said he was playing this week. However, at the end of a lost season, after getting eliminated in a close loss to […]

Dec 172016

Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5) at Cincinnati Bengals (5-7-1) The Steelers are getting a lot of attention and rightfully so. They are red hot right now in a league that lacks top level teams and they are arguably the 3rd scariest team in the league right now behind New England and Dallas. However, they are getting almost […]

Dec 102016

Cincinnati Bengals (4-7-1) at Cleveland Browns (0-12) The Browns are 0-12 and probably the worst team in the league right now, but they have a pretty decent shot at getting their first win of the season this week, for three reasons. For one, they’re coming off of their bye week. Bye weeks have proven very […]

Dec 032016

Philadelphia Eagles (5-6) at Cincinnati Bengals (3-7-1) Before the season started, I had the Bengals on my list of teams that I thought would disappoint. They won 12 games last season and were 10-2 before losing quarterback Andy Dalton for the season with injury, but outside of Dalton they barely had an injuries last season, […]

Nov 262016

Cincinnati Bengals (3-6-1) at Baltimore Ravens (5-5) Already in the middle of a down year, the Bengals suffered two major injuries last week, as running back Giovani Bernard went down for the season with a torn ACL and #1 wide receiver AJ Green went down for an extended period of time with a strained hamstring. […]

Nov 122016

Cincinnati Bengals (3-4-1) at New York Giants (5-3) This is a line I legitimately don’t understand. As a result of injuries and off-season losses, the Bengals are not the same team they were last season. They enter this game 15th in first down rate differential, a little better than 3-4-1 their record suggests, but average […]

Oct 292016

Washington Redskins (4-3) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (3-4) at London Typically, the favorite covers in these London games, as they have done in 10 of the last 14 London games. Playing a neutral site game overseas makes for an unusual week and it makes sense that the better team would have an advantage and would be […]

Oct 222016

Cleveland Browns (0-6) at Cincinnati Bengals (2-4) Despite being just 2-4, the Bengals are favored by double digits this week. That’s even rarer than you’d think, as just 4 other teams since 1993 have been favored by double digits despite having a winning percentage of .333 or worse in week 6 or later. Teams are […]

Oct 092016

Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) at Dallas Cowboys (3-1) The Cowboys have gone 3-1 to start the season, but have played a pretty easy schedule so far. They’ve beaten up on the Bears and 49ers in the past two weeks, two of the worst teams in the league, and their toughest games came against divisional rivals Washington […]

Sep 272016

Miami Dolphins (1-2) at Cincinnati Bengals (1-2) The Bengals could easily be 0-3 right now, if not for a missed extra point by the Jets that could have sent the game to overtime. However, they’ve had a tough schedule so far. Both the Steelers and the Broncos (their two losses) are legitimate playoff teams, while […]

Sep 242016

Denver Broncos (2-0) at Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) These two teams have had opposite starts to the season schedule wise. While the Broncos were home for their first 2 games, the Cincinnati opened the season on the road against the Jets and Steelers. That hurts Cincinnati’s chances here in this week 3 matchup, as they’ve had […]

Jan 092016

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6) at Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) This is the game that I have the least strong opinion on. The Bengals rank 5th in rate of moving the chains differential on the season, while the Steelers rank 9th, but the Steelers have been far better offensively in the 12 games where Ben Roethlisberger has led […]

Jan 022016

Baltimore Ravens (5-10) at Cincinnati Bengals (11-4) I’m completely torn on this one. On one hand, the Ravens are in a good spot because divisional road underdogs are 57-31 ATS in a same season regular season rematch against a team they previously lost to as divisional home favorites, since 2002. Revenge is far from uncommon […]

Dec 262015

Cincinnati Bengals (11-3) at Denver Broncos (10-4) The Brock Osweiler era got off to a good start in Denver, but his play has regressed in recent weeks, to the point where the difference in their offense’s efficiency between Osweiler starting and when a hobbled, aged Peyton Manning was starting early in the year is no […]

Dec 192015

Cincinnati Bengals (10-3) at San Francisco 49ers (4-9) The 49ers are the worst team in rate of moving the chains differential by a mile, coming in at -11.92%, while no one else is worse than -7.14%. That was on display last week, as they lost 24-10 in Cleveland, against a terrible Browns team. The Bengals, […]

Dec 122015

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5) at Cincinnati Bengals (10-2) The Steelers had a big week last week. Not only did they big win, 45-10, over a competent Indianapolis team, but the Seattle Seahawks won big (38-7) on the road in Minnesota, against a solid Vikings team, so the Steelers’ loss the week before to the Seahawks looks […]

Dec 052015

Cincinnati Bengals (9-2) at Cleveland Browns (2-9) This line was a touchdown in favor of the visiting Bengals last week, but since has moved to 9.5. Ordinarily, I like to fade significant week-to-week line movements because they tend to be overreactions to a single week of play, but I think this line is still pretty […]

Nov 212015

Cincinnati Bengals (8-1) at Arizona Cardinals (7-2) This line has shifted significantly in the past week, as the Cardinals were favored by 3 on the early line last week, but now are favored by 4.5, following the Cardinals’ big win in Seattle and the Bengals’ home loss to the mediocre Houston Texans. Considering about 3 […]