May 172012

Coming out of TCU, arm strength was the biggest knock on Andy Dalton and the main reason why he fell to the 2nd round, but he proved as a rookie that he had adequate arm strength and above average everything else, leading the Bengals to the playoffs. However, he is not satisfied. In an attempt to increase his arm strength and his mere 6.6 YPA, Dalton has spent the offseason bulking up and is now at 225, up 10 pounds from his Combine weigh in of 215 and up 18 pounds from the 207 pounds Dalton admits he was at last season.

We’ll have to see how this affects him on the field, if at all. One might expect Dalton to continue to improve as a 2nd year player, but sophomore slumps are common in sports and Dalton only surpassed 200 yards in 1 of his last 5 regular season games last year, a stretch the Bengals went 2-3 over. They went 3-5 over their last 8 overall, 3-6 if you count playoffs, and didn’t beat a single playoff team all year.

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