Bill Stull Scout

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May 122012




6-2 211

40 time (projected): 4.96

Draft board overall prospect rank: #113

Draft board quarterback rank: #7

Overall rating: 66*

            3/22/10: Bill Stull is a bit raw as a quarterback prospect and very inexperienced, but there are a lot of things to like about him as a quarterback prospect and a future NFL starting quarterback. Stull has started 2 years at Pittsburgh at the quarterback position. He struggled a bit in 2008 with a mere 57% completion percentage and 10 picks to 9 touchdowns, but the 25 sacks he took probably had something to do with that. He bounced back behind an improved offensive line in 2009 leading upstart Pittsburgh with a 65% completion percentage, a 8.2 YPA, and 21 touchdowns to 8 picks. I realize that one good year is not enough to say, he’s going to be a future starter, but when you consider that those stats were all while running a Pro Style offense at Pittsburgh, against fairly tough competition. He’s got a good arm and has made countless pro style throws in his time at Pittsburgh. He’s not the star Colt McCoy is, but I actually like his chances to be a future starting quarterback better than McCoy’s because of his stronger arm, his experience putting up good production in a Pro Style offense, and because of his more mature reads. He has everything you look for in an NFL quarterback. He did not receive a Combine invite and probably will not be drafted in the first 4 rounds, but I could definitely see him following in the footsteps of guys like Matt Hasselbeck, Marc Bulger, and Jake Delhomme, going from a relatively unknown prospect, to an NFL backup, to an NFL starter for a winning team. All he needs is a team to take a chance on him and then to get lucky and get a shot to start.

NFL Comparison: Jake Delhomme 

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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