Brandon LaFell

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May 122012

Wide Receiver 


6-2 211

40 time: 4.59

Draft board overall prospect rank: #40

Draft board wide receiver rank: #4

Overall rating: 79*

2/28/10: He wasn’t supposed to be a speed demon, but a 4.59 hurts a lot. He’s not going to get a lot of separation at the next level. He also measured in at 6-2 this week instead of 6-4 so his stock could be taking a drop this week.


1/17/10: The perfect fit for a run heavy pro style offense because he has experience running pro style routes and he’s an amazing run blocker for his age. His frame is still a bit wiry and that could lead to injuries at the next level as he tries to make some of the crazy catches he made in college, but he’s certainly not afraid of anything and will throw his body around for the ball fearlessly. 57 catches for 792 yards doesn’t seem like much for a senior season, but when you consider that LSU passed 336 times this season, all of a sudden those numbers look really good. He was by far the most dominant end zone threat on his roster and his 11 touchdowns more than tripled the total of the guy who was second on the team. He’s got good height, good hands, good fearlessness, good run blocking, and a good red zone presence, but needs to put on more muscle and he’s not fast in comparison to some of the receivers in this draft class.

Update (11/2/09): Big tall wide receiver with solid hands and great run blocking ability. Perfect for a run heavy offense and has the potential to be a top receiver at the next level.

            7/28/09: Brandon LaFell put up very good stats last season as the #1 for LSU, despite the fact that LSU runs one of the most conservative run heavy offenses in the country. What really impressed me about LaFell was his consistency. He didn’t have any games last season that made you say wow, with the exception of a 12 catch 126 yard performance against Troy, but he had at least 48 yards in every game last season. LaFell fits right into the gritty tough style of LSU. He loves to go over the middle and catch balls. He never gives up on a ball and will throw himself out there to get the ball even if it puts himself at risk. On one hand, that’s great and you love that if you’re an NFL scout. On the other hand, you look at how Anquan Boldin, a player who does the same thing, is always hurt in one way or another in the NFL, and then you look at the fact that Boldin is 10 pounds heavier than LaFell and lot bulkier and you worry about LaFell’s health going forward. He needs to add at least 10 pounds to his frame, if not more, to be able to dive after balls over the middle of the field, with all of the big safeties in the NFL. He’s tall, at 6-3, and a great possession receiver, but has not flashed the high touchdown numbers that would suggest that he’s a big time end zone threat, although that may be because of the bad pass offense he played in at LSU. He’s a very physical and tough to guard because of that. Physical wide receivers normally have an easier time transitioning to the NFL than speedsters. His timed speed is below average and if he runs a 40 in the 4.5s, that could really hurt. If he runs one at about 4.48, he should be fine, assuming he can add on the bulk that he needs to, which shouldn’t be a problem because he’s a hard worker. He has very reliable hands and should be a reliable player in the pros going forward. He’s not a future #1 option, but he should be a solid #2 possession receiver that will always be there to make a play on the ball. Because of this weak wide receiver class, that could be enough to sneak him into the 1st round, but I give him a 2nd round grade overall. 

NFL Comparison: Dwayne Bowe

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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