May 152012

According to Panthers insider Darin Gantt, Brandon LaFell is expected to be the Panthers #2 receiver once again in 2012 opposite Steve Smith. This makes a lot of sense since LaFell was solid in that role last season in his 2nd year in the NFL. There was some speculation that David Gettis could challenge for that job after coming back from a major injury suffered in 2011, but it appears he won’t, at least not seriously.

Earlier this month, Adam Schefter predicted that LaFell could be a breakout star of the 2012 season. A 3rd round pick out of LSU, Lafell is entering his 3rd season, a year when young receivers often breakout. He has some sleeper value in fantasy leagues with Steve Smith getting up there in age opposite him.

  3 Responses to “Brandon LaFell is “heavy favorite” to be Panthers’ #2 receiver”

  1. Just how is it determined that it appears that David Gettis won’t challenge seriously for the number two spot? I have it on good authority that Gettis is very highly thought of in Panther coaching circles and will seriously challenge for the number 2 spot. Stop reporting fiction as if it were fact..

  2. I didn’t report fiction as fact, I just passed along the report of a reputable source who believes that LaFell is the “heavy favorite.”

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