Brian Price Scout

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May 122012

Defensive Tackle/3-4 Defensive End


6-1 303

40 time: 5.13

Draft board overall prospect rank: #24

Draft board defensive tackle rank: #5

Overall rating: 85*

             3/27/10: I have a feeling that, if it weren’t for Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy, we’d all be singing Brian Price’s praise as a potential top 10 pick. This just adds to the idea that this is one of the strongest defensive tackle classes in recent memory. If Price had gone back to school for his senior year and continued his strong production, he would have been a top ten pick lock next year. Price had 6.5 sacks this year, the same number as McCoy, despite being about 10 pounds bigger. He also had 4 sacks last year so the idea of him being a complete one year wonder is there, though I would have preferred one more strong 6+ sack year before calling him an elite defensive tackle, which I will not. He doesn’t have Suh’s physical strength or McCoy’s agility and he doesn’t have either of their size. His lack of elite size could hurt him a lot at the next level. He does play with good leverage, but taller offensive linemen tend to almost swallow him up at times, especially if he were to play 3-4 end, though I think a 3-4 team could still take a chance on him late in the 1st (see San Diego, NY Jets) if they viewed his talent as being too good to pass on. He’s not very athletic, with shorter arms, lack of elite defensive tackle speed, and lack of height, but he’s got a huge motor. He may be maxed out in terms of physical upside, but he’s a smart, devoted player who loves the game. He has a nice explosive burst and should make for a very solid one gap penetrator, despite his lack of elite height at 6-1. In addition to this explosive first step, he’s got a good second push and doesn’t ever give up on a play or take a play off. He’s got great lower body strength and a powerful core, but he can play out of control with his burst a bit and get knocked down by taller offensive linemen with much stronger upper bodies. He should go off the board in the first round, but I would call his decision not to return to school questionable, considering how high he could have gone next year. He doesn’t have the physical tools of Suh and McCoy, but in terms of pass rushing repertoire, ability to get into the backfield, collegiate production, and pure motor, he’s right on par with Gerald McCoy

NFL Comparison: Mike Patterson

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here


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