Jun 052012

After drafting Brandon Weeden in the 1st round, the Browns unsuccessfully tried to trade Colt McCoy during the draft. With Weeden prying the starting job from the veteran incumbent McCoy more and more on a daily basis, reports say that the Browns could still trade McCoy, according to the Akron Beacon-Journal. McCoy could still be a decent backup for some team, but most teams already have their backup situation figured out.

One team that was interested during the draft was the Green Bay Packers, as they lost Matt Flynn this offseason and might not be totally comfortable with Graham Harrell if Aaron Rodgers were to get hurt. Another team I’d like to throw out there, based off nothing but pure speculation, would be the Philadelphia Eagles, as they need a reliable backup behind the aging and injury prone Michael Vick. If he is traded anywhere, the Browns won’t get much in return. They may end up keeping him.

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