May 122012


Offensive Tackle


6-6 315

40 time: 4.78

Draft board overall prospect rank: #16

Draft board offensive tackle rank: #3

Overall rating: 87*

            3/21/10: After his Combine performance, Bruce Campbell is being regarded as the most athletic left tackle to ever play the game of football. Though his measurables for a left tackle are second to none all time in Combine history, that does not make him the most athletic left tackle ever to play the game of football. Measurables do not equal athleticism, completely, and athleticism does not necessarily mean success in the NFL. Starting with the measurables, Campbell certainly has huge upside. He ran a 4.78 at 6-6 314 which means he should follow former Maryland teammate Darrius Heyward Bey to Oakland (what is in that Maryland water?). He also benched 34 reps of 225 and had 36 ¼ inch arms. He also looked good in the drills, but I have some concerns about his abilities to be a dominant left tackle. Robert Gallery was an athletic freak and he didn’t become a good left tackle in the league. Campbell’s tape was extremely inconsistent last year. He did not play with good leverage and was pushed back by smaller guys who should not have pushed him back. He’s also a bit of a one year wonder. This year was a very dominant year for him, but in the past, he has really struggled with penalties, giving up sacks, and, most important injuries. This is the first year in a while he was completely healthy. Do you really want to use a top ten pick on an injury prone left tackle? He also only has 17 career starts. He’s inexperienced and has a history of injuries and inconsistencies, however, there are a lot of things to like about him, other than just his measurables, and that’s why he’s worth a first round pick. He was inconsistent at time this year and had a few ugly plays, but he’s good great footwork and great lateral movement and could be a star in a zone blocking scheme. He also uses his hands and his arms well, though he did have a few too many holds last year. He’ll probably be over drafted in the top ten, but he’s still a very solid 1st round pick.

NFL Comparison: D’Brickashaw Ferguson

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here



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