Bryan Bulaga

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May 122012


Offensive Tackle 


6-5 314

40 time: 5.26

Draft board overall prospect rank: #22

Draft board offensive tackle rank: #4

Overall rating: 86*

1/19/10: A very athletic offensive tackle who has had some trouble with injuries in the past, but he has the ability to play both left and right tackle at the next level. He moves well for his size and has big upside, but too often gets knocked over and doesn’t use his size with good leverage.

6/27/09: Bryan Bulaga has more upside than any offensive tackle in this draft class. He’s 310+ pounds, but should still run a 40 in the 4.9s, which could make Al Davis shit his pants. Timed speed doesn’t help offensive lineman all that much, but his measurables show that this is someone who has the potential to stop both power rushers and speed rushers, a very rare combination. He has very long arms too, which help in pass protection. However he doesn’t have as much experience at left tackle as most players in this draft. He has only been a full time left tackle for the last 2 years. He played both tight end and defensive end in high school, which again shows his athleticism, but he doesn’t have as much experience which is a bit of a red flag. He may never live up to his upside. However, he has been playing left tackle since week 1 in college and in his first two years he has had a lot of success, especially last year. He can’t play right tackle, because he isn’t a good fundamental run blocker, at least not at the moment. However, he is a great pass blocker, with the potential to be a lot better, and should be drafted in the top 10.

NFL Comparison: Michael Roos

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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