Carlos Dunlap

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May 122012


Defensive End 


6-6 279

40 time: 4.61

Draft board overall prospect rank: #39

Draft board defensive end rank: #5

Overall rating: 80*

1/21/10: A freakish athlete at 6-7 290 with 4.7 timed speed, we’ll see if he lives up to that at the combine, but he doesn’t seem to try on the field on every play. He makes a lot of big plays, but not nearly enough of the little things. Its like he only wants to fill his stat sheet and not win. He was also suspended late in the season after a DUI. He came back for the Sugar Bowl and had a nice game with 2 sacks, to give him 9 on the season, but 5 of those game in 2 games. He has huge upside, but major character red flags. If he’s this lazy now, imagine how lazy he’ll get if he signs a major NFL contract. Slipping to the 2nd round could be good for him as he’d have to work to get a major NFL contract, but unfortunately, his upside is so huge that I doubt he actually does slip to the 2nd round. He could even go as high as 8 to the Raiders.

Suspension Update (12/1/09): Dunlap has been arrested and suspended indefinitely for DUI. I literally sat at the computer screen banging my hand against my head when I heard. Dunlap has all the talent in the world, but is extremely lazy, only 7 sacks this season, and has really been worse than that low sacks total says because he doesn’t hustle on most plays and really only just shows up for the big play that will show on his stat sheet. And now this. This is just one of those kids that doesn’t get it. I highly doubt he goes in the first round now which is disappointing because he has #1 pick talent. Maybe the Raiders will bail him out.

NFL Update (11/2/09):  Not playing up to his potential this year, but has 4 sacks in his last 2 games, showing flashes of brilliance. If you can motivate this kid, you’ve got a perennial 10+ sacks guy with good size against the run.

            6/18/09: Defensive ends are normally the most athletic players on the football field. Carlos Dunlap is one of the most athletic defensive end we’ve seen come out of college in a long while. He’s tall, 6-7, long, 88 inch wingspan, big 290 pounds and pretty much all muscle, and, while he does not have blinding speed, he still is still fast. He should run a 40 in the high 4.6s, maybe low 4.7s, but when you consider the rest of his athleticism, that won’t matter much. He has a tremendous motor and loves the game of football. He doesn’t take plays off which is rare for a defensive end coming out of college. He truly believes that every time the other team snaps the ball, he can bring down the opposing quarterback, or at least create major pressure on him. He can be caught out of position on running plays, because he loves to rush the quarterback so much, so his 290 pounds is not fully maximized as a run blocker. However, has a pass rusher his size definitely helps. There aren’t too many ends that are the size of size tackles and still have the quickness and speed to blow by them and go around them too. His pass rushing form needs some work, but that can be said of any defensive end coming out of college. He won’t be a huge impact during his first year in the league, but by his 3rd year, I would be surprised if he was not a double digit sacks guy. He might not go as high as he should in the draft because he can’t play the 3-4. He doesn’t defend the pass well enough to play 3-4 OLB, but his ability to get to the quarterback, as well as his athleticism, would not be maximized as a 3-4 defensive end, as that position specializes in stopping the run. However, if I were a 4-3 team who didn’t have a huge pressing issue to fill, like the Lions and their lack of a left tackle or the Rams and their lack of a quarterback, I wouldn’t hesitate to take Dunlap. His measurables, potential, and all around football skill should mirror that of Mario Williams, the 2006 #1 pick of the Texans. He actually has one athletic advantage over the supremely athletic Williams, his longer arms. He is able to use his 7’6” wingspan to get around offensive lineman, as Julius Peppers does. His arms can also help in run stopping, as they can be used to easily bear hug a ball carrier, so he can’t break the tackle. He needs some work with the fundamentals, but he’s going to the NFL, and I highly doubt that there are any NFL defensive coordinators and defensive line coaches that don’t know how to teach the fundamentals. He has shown he’s a good learner throughout his football career. Unless he gets hurt or has an awful year, he’s going to be a top 10 pick.

NFL Comparison: Jamaal Anderson

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here 

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