Charles Brown Scout

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May 122012

Offensive Tackle


6-5 303

40 time: 5.25

Draft board overall prospect rank: #10

Draft board offensive tackle rank: #2

Overall rating: 88*

            3/20/10: Charles Brown is one of the more underrated offensive tackles in this draft class. He will go in the first round, but he should go in the top half of the first round and garner some top 10 consideration by teams like Buffalo. He’s a former run blocking tight end, but he has bulked up to 303 for the Combine, though his decision not to run at that weight is a bit concerning. Let’s see how he runs, assuming he’s the same weight, at his Pro Day. His frame may be maxed out as a former run blocking tight end and he is still on the small size, but makes up for that with excellent mature technique and good athletic mobility and footwork. He has experience in a zone blocking scheme and excelled last year protecting Matt Barkley’s blindside at USC. He’s got very good long arms and uses them well. He is extremely mobile for a man of his size and can block at the second level. He plays with good lower body leverage, but lacks elite upper body strength and can be pushed back a bit by bigger bull rushers. His footwork and his hand use are extremely mature for his age, probably the best in the draft class. They rival Ryan Clady’s coming out of school and Clady allowed just 1 sack in a zone blocking scheme in Denver his first year in the league before struggling in a man blocking scheme in his 2nd year. Likewise, Brown would struggle in a man blocking scheme where he was matched up one on one with a defender. He’s got great character and work ethic and he’s extremely consistent. I didn’t see him take very many plays off for what I saw of him last year and didn’t wear down late in games. Overall, he lacks bulk, but he has a great understanding of both the zone blocking scheme and the West Coast offense. He has an excellent motor and great instincts as well as excellent footwork. He used his hands well and he has great lateral agility. He should be considered in the top ten, but probably won’t be. The highest he possibly could go would be 14 to Seattle, but if someone gets him in the 20s, they would be getting a steal, assuming the used a scheme that properly utilized Brown’s skills and minimized his weaknesses.

NFL Comparison: Jordan Gross

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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