May 122012


Trade for Seahawks: I know very little, if anything about Whitehurst. I know he was drafted in the 3rd by the Chargers in 2006 based on upside and never played a snap. And I know now that Pete Carroll likes him. I’ll trust Carroll’s judgment on this one for now, given his track record with quarterbacks, but if Whitehurst proves to be not much in the future, this is going to be a huge waste of picks.

Trade for Chargers: I love this trade for the Chargers. Even if Whitehurst becomes a future Pro Bowler, doubtful, this deal barely hurts them because they weren’t doing anything with Whitehurst and the Seahawks are in a completely different conference. Its not often you can not use a quarterback for 4 years and then trade him away and not only get a pick from the round you drafted him in, but get a fairly significant swap of 2nd rounders. The move from 60th to 40th has a value of 200 points, roughly the 78th pick so basically the Chargers got 2 3rd rounder for an unused former 3rd rounder. Not bad.

Draft implications: All of this will be shown in my next NFL Mock Draft, but this trade does have draft implications and since I do not update until next week, I’m going to use this opportunity to tell you how it will. That trade where the Bucs trade down to 6 and still get Suh while the Seahawks give up the 40th pick to move up to 3 to get Clausen won’t be included in my next mock, sadly. It was a very interesting move that stirred up a ton of controversy around Buccaneers’ forums around the internet, but I can’t see it happening for two reasons. One, Carroll already brought in a developmental backup quarterback, Whitehurst. Second, that 40th pick that was sent to Tampa Bay in the deal is now San Diego’s.

Teams may still try to move up to get Clausen (Cleveland, Buffalo), but they aren’t going to do it with Tampa Bay (assuming either Suh or McCoy falls). Tampa will take the smart move and just go with whichever of the two they feel fits best at 3. Trading down to 9 or even 7 and expecting one of those two to still be there is borderline insane. If one of those teams tries to move up to get Clausen, it will be with Detroit, who has been rumored to be trying to shop the 2nd pick. However, after Russell Okung’s positive visit with the Lions earlier this week, that is unlikely as well.

Another draft implication makes it very unlikely that the Chargers will take Ryan Matthews at 28. With a pick at 40, it’s likely the Chargers are going to take Terrence Cody at 28, knowing they can get a back like Jahvid Best or Montario Hardesty at 40 and that they can’t get a nose tackle like Cody there. Terrence Cody will be the Chargers’ first rounder in my next mock. 

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