May 122012


11. NT Dontari Poe C

Dontari Poe is the definition of a boom or bust prospect. He has phenomenal measurables, but he had minimal production on a crappy team in a small conference in Conference-USA and the tape doesn’t match at to his measurables. He’s also more of a straight line athlete than anything too. I liked him a lot more in the 2nd round, but I’ll average an A and an F here for him. He does fill a need, but I think they really reached for need.

44. G Jeff Allen C-

Guard was a need for the Chiefs, but I had Allen rated much lower than this. He’s also going to have to make a position change to guard. Peter Konz would have been a much better pick. He was a significantly superior prospect and he could play center for them, his natural position, and allow them to keep Rodney Hudson at guard, his natural position.

74. OT Donald Stephenson B

I had Stephenson as a borderline 3rd/4th round prospect. They had other needs, but they could use a 3rd offensive tackle because Branden Albert is heading into a contract year so I don’t hate this pick.

107. WR Devon Wylie C

I liked Wylie, but in the 5th round for a team that needed some help at wide receiver and needed a kick returner. The Chiefs have two solid return men in Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas. In fact, those guys were both drafted in the 2nd round for their kick return abilities. The Chiefs have 3 solid wide receivers in Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin, and Steve Breaston. And this is the 4th round. So while I like Wylie as a player, I don’t like the fit with him on the Chiefs.

146. S DeQuan Menzie A

Menzie fills a need for the Chiefs at either cornerback or safety, depending on where they want to put him (though it sounds like safety). They need depth at safety and Romeo Crennel’s system puts a lot of value on the safety position. In fact, he called it the 2nd most important position after quarterback recently. Menzie is a good value in the 5th round.

182. RB Cyrus Gray A

Gray is a good value here in the 6th round. Peyton Hillis was only signed to a one year deal and he could play some fullback and Jamaal Charles is undersized and coming off a major injury so there was a need for another back.

218. 3-4 DE Jerome Long B

I didn’t have Long in my top 250, but it’s pretty late so you can’t hate. There’s room for a depth defensive lineman like this in the 7th round.

238. WR Junior Hemingway A

Did they really need another receiver? No, but Hemingway probably deserved to go a round or two before this and teams typically draft straight off their boards in the late round. You aren’t filling needs in the 7th round.

This wasn’t a very good draft for the Chiefs (disagree with me if you want). I think Dontari Poe is way too big of a risk at 11. He’s a workout wonder whose tape doesn’t match up. He’s also a straight line athlete that didn’t fare nearly as well in agility drills as he did in the 40. In the 2nd round, Allen was a major reach. He’s a 6th offensive lineman type (first guy off the bench when there’s an injury, with great versatility), but Peter Konz could have been an immediate starter and allowed Rodney Hudson to stay at his natural spot in guard. Allen doesn’t really seem like he can be a long term starting guard in this league.

Donald Stephenson was a solid pick in the 3rd, but I don’t like the Devon Wylie fit in the 4th. They had some solid late round selections, but the early selections are what matter and I think they missed those up. I also didn’t like that they didn’t come out of this draft with a developmental quarterback. Brady Quinn and Tyler Palko aren’t very good and Ricky Stanzi couldn’t even beat out Tyler Palko last year. They had to sign Kyle Orton just to stay afloat. Matt Cassel, meanwhile, is a decent starter, but I don’t think you can go deep into the playoffs with him, which is a shame because the rest of their roster is really good.

Grade: C


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