Chiefs Draft Grades

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May 122012


26. WR Jonathan Baldwin A

Jonathan Baldwin would have been a good pick at 21 if they were to take him there, in my opinion, but they moved down knowing a lot of teams weren’t high on him, with a first round grade. Baldwin may have some character problems, but he’s one of the most talented physical receivers I’ve ever seen and he has been productive in school despite quarterback problems. He also fills a huge need as a receiver opposite Dwayne Bowe.

55. C Rodney Hudson B

Center was a need and Hudson fits the range, but I’m not convinced he can play center. I also am not in love with the idea of taking a center in the 2nd round, especially one without extensive experience at the position.

70. RLB Justin Houston A

Justin Houston was a consensus first round prospect or even top 20 pick until he failed a drug test at The Combine. It was just weed and he’s not a quarterback so that doesn’t knock him down that much in my book. He’s a steal here.

86. 3-4 DE Allen Bailey B

Defensive end depth was not a need at all with both Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson at the position as former top 5 picks being paid top 5 pick money, but Bailey is a steal and Dorsey and Jackson haven’t exactly played up to their draft stock and their salaries. One or the other could get cut in the next couple years.

118. CB Jalil Brown B+

Cornerback depth was not a huge need, but at the same time, you can never have enough cornerbacks and Brown was a 3rd round value in my book so he’s a steal in the 4th round. They still need a nose tackle and some help at tackle though.

135. QB Ricky Stanzi A

Matt Cassel sucked down the stretch last year and the last time he played a schedule other than the little sisters of the poor, the Chiefs went 4-12. If he struggles this year with a tougher schedule, he could be cut or traded in the offseason in a cost cutting move and Stanzi might be able to take over. He was a 3rd round grade in my book. If they don’t move Cassel, Stanzi is still a hell of a lot better at backup quarterback than Brodie “0-10” Croyle.

140. RLB Gabe Miller D

I didn’t have Gabe Miller in my top 300 at all. I never thought he was that great of a prospect at all. He does fill a need as Tamba Hali isn’t signed long term and you can never have enough pass rushers so this isn’t an F.

199. NT Jerrell Powe A

I mocked Jerrell Powe to them in the 3rd round so he’s an excellent value in the 6th round. I think he’s a future starter at nose tackle.

223. FB Shane Bannon C

Fullback was a minor need, but it is somewhat of a need. There were better available fullbacks, however.


They turned 3 picks in the first 3 rounds into 4 picks in the first 3 rounds after moving down from 21 and they still got Jonathan Baldwin, someone who filled a huge need and who would have been a good pick even at 21. They got an extra 3rd rounder out of that to take Justin Houston, who I think had a first round value even after a failed drug test. To boot, Houston filled a huge need for them opposite Tamba Hali. Rodney Hudson and Allen Bailey weren’t perfect picks, but Hudson fills a need and fits the range, assuming he can pan out at a new position and Bailey was a great value and provides excellent depth in case Dorsey and/or Jackson don’t improve. That’s a great way to start their draft. On top of this, they also filled needs with great values in Ricky Stanzi and Jerrell Powe in the mid to late rounds. The reason I’m not giving them a flat A is because they didn’t fix the offensive tackle position, choosing to find depth at cornerback and defensive end instead. Also, I didn’t like their late picks of Gabe Miller and Shane Bannon.

Grade: A-


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