Oct 242012

Last week: 31 (+2)

Record: 1-6

Despite their loss, the Browns move up. Last week, I mentioned I consdered putting the Browns ahead of the rest of the 1 win teams and some of the 2 win teams because they’ve been competitive in every game despite their record (worst in the league at 1-6). This week, I just moved them up out of the bottom 3. One 1 win team is still above them (Carolina at 28), but they’re better than the 3 teams below them, all of whom have been blown out on several occasions. The Browns have only lost one game by more than 10, none by more than 14, and in that 14 point loss, they still lead right before halftime.


LG John Greco: Didn’t allow a pressure on 43 pass block snaps, run blocked for 6 yards on 2 attempts

C Alex Mack: Didn’t allow a pressure on 43 pass block snaps, run blocked for 26 yards on 5 attempts

SS TJ Ward: Allowed 1 catch for 9 yards on 3 attempts, 1 pass deflection, 6 solo tackles, 4 stops, 1 quarterback hurry on 1 blitz

LE Jabaal Sheard: 1 quarterback hit and 4 quarterback hurries on 29 pass rush snaps, 2 solo tackles, 2 stops


RT Mitchell Schwartz: Allowed 3 quarterback hit and 5 quarterback hurries on 43 pass block snaps, 1 penalty, run blocked for 1 yard on 2 attempts

DT Billy Winn: Did not record a pressure on 30 pass rush snaps, no tackles, 1 penalty

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