May 202012

Mat McBriar was a Pro Bowler as recently as 2010, but after a down year in 2011, in which he averaged 43.8 yards per punt and 36.7 net yards per punt, and an offseason knee surgery, he remains unsigned. The Cowboys have Chris Jones, a 2nd year player who averaged 42.6 yards per punt last season in 2 starts, but would prefer to resign McBriar according to If he’s healthy, they could definitely resign him and have him at least compete for the starting job. If they don’t sign him, someone else easily could given how recent his last Pro Bowl was.


  2 Responses to “Cowboys could resign Mat McBriar”

  1. McBriar has been a consistant punter for years. His ability to nail the coffen corner, is his value in the NFL.
    Having him back in Dallas would be one less worry for the special teams. Hopefully his recover will be 100% before the start of the season.

  2. The Dallas Cowboys should resign Matt Briar on the fact that Chris Jones is not ready to be the punter for the team. If you remember in the game against the New York “football” Giants he shanked the punt at the end of the game when they needed him the most and this lead to a score.

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