Dan Williams Scout

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May 122012


Nose Tackle/Defensive Tackle


6-2 327

40 time: 5.17

Draft board overall prospect rank: #20

Draft board nose tackle rank: #2

Overall rating: 86*

            3/23/10: Dan Williams is, as funny as it may sound, a do everything nose tackle. There are very few nose tackles in the NFL as versatile as he could be. He can play both the 4-3 scheme as a defensive tackle and the 3-4 scheme as a nose tackle. He gets a very powerful push off of the line and is in great physical shape. He has a very low body fat percentage for his weight and is just pure initial explosion. He is an amazing athlete for his weight. He moves extremely well for his size and has great quickness and lateral mobility, though his pass rushing repertoire is fairly limited. He has great instincts against the run and can really stuff holes in an instant. He also defends the pass well and has a knack for knocking the ball down at the line of scrimmage and can even defend guys out of the backfield, which makes him a very intriguing fit for a zone or Tampa 2 team needing a big run stuffing defensive tackle who can also pick up a man out of the backfield. He does a great job of collapsing the pocket and, though he had very few quarterback sacks in his career, he creates very good pressure in a hurry. He doesn’t have a great 2nd burst after his first initial burst and he tends to wear down late in games. He is a bit of a one year wonder and wasn’t regarded very highly until this season when he excelled in Monte Kiffin’s zone style scheme. He has some issues with lack of motivation in the past, though he had no issues with that this year, a very good sign. He draws double teams often and is very capable at shedding and stacking and opening up holes for smaller, less physical ends, which would make him a great fit for a zone scheme, yet another reason why he would fit a zone scheme despite his size. I think he’s regarded overall as the best nose tackle in this class, though I have him 2nd behind Terrence Cody because of Cody’s potential. However, there is no denying at Williams is a very versatile nose tackle who can play any scheme. With the vast amount of teams now switching to the 3-4, Williams will be in high demand on draft day and I would be very surprised if he fell to the 2nd round. He could possibly go as high as 9 to Buffalo, the way BJ Raji did last year, going 9 to the Packers as a nose tackle.

NFL Comparison: Casey Hampton

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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