Jul 232012

Darrelle Revis has been in the news again this offseason with “will he, won’t he” holdout speculation as Revis, who is vastly underpaid over the next 2 seasons, 13.5 million over 2 years, has refused to commit to Training Camp. However, the Associated Press cites a source close with the situation that Revis will be there for day 1 of Training Camp and that the two sides have agreed to discuss a new contract next offseason.

It’s always been a possibility that Revis’ noncommittal attitude was just to see if the Jets would get nervous and budge and that Revis never had any legitimate plans to skip Training Camp. Revis held out two off-seasons ago and got a 4 year, 46 million dollar deal that paid him 32.5 million over the first 2 years, which made him the league’s highest paid defensive player. He’ll be underpaid this season at 7.5 million, but if he keeps up his strong play, he should get upwards of 15 million per year over a longer period of time next offseason. It looks like a win, win all around.

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