May 122012

Mason has 8 seasons of 70 or more catches and 1000 or more yards in his last 9 seasons, despite spending all of this time with the Titans and the Ravens, two of the most notoriously run heavy conservative offenses in the league. He caught 103 passes in 2007 with a pile of crap at quarterback and he has caught 153 yards over the last 2 years, despite being 34 and 35 years old, and playing with a rookie quarterback. The Ravens have added two receivers, Anquan Boldin and Donte Stallworth to the mix this offseason, but there is nothing like bringing back a proven thing, who has good proven chemistry with your franchise quarterback. No one should be happier about this move than Joe Flacco and if your young franchise quarterback is happy, you, as a team should be happy. Flacco now has Boldin, Mason, and Ray Rice, all of whom caught more than 70 passes last year, and Stallworth, who has upside if he can bounce back from a season in which he was suspended. Oh, and they are only playing Mason 8 million over 2 years, another brilliant value move for this franchise.

Grade: A

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