Derrick Morgan

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May 122012


Defensive End 


6-3 266

40 time: 4.72

Draft board overall prospect rank: #8

Draft board defensive end rank: #1

Overall rating: 91*

1/21/10: Great combination of size and speed, and more important an excellent motor and initial explosiveness. He had 12 sacks this year and was also strong against the run at 275 pounds. The only thing stopping him from being a top ten pick lock is the fact that he won’t transition well to a 3-4 scheme, though I wouldn’t be surprised if a team tried to convert him to a 3-4 rush linebacker, though that’d be a mistake. He still has a good shot of going in the top ten and I think he has top ten talent at a possession of huge value in the NFL. 

                11/18/09: Derrick Morgan is my top pass rusher in a weak pass rushing class. He has a great combination of size, physicality, and agility, quickness, and speed. He has a good pass rushing arsenal as well and has 12 sacks this season, improving on last year’s decent total. He gets into the backfield a lot and wreaks havoc with his combination of size and speed. He has average straight line speed, but is a crafty pass rusher and that makes up for that. He has good size against the run and isn’t blocked back easily. He has size to play on the left side and also the agility and mobility to play on the right side against left tackles. He has an excellent motor and has still a lot of upside as a 20 year old junior. He has good leverage and a good initial burst off the line which helps in both pass rushing and run blocking. He plays controlled and does not overpursue. He uses his hands well and has good extension on his arms to push off of offensive linemen to force holds or double teams. He doesn’t disengage from blocks that well and once a good, strong offensive lineman locks onto him, he doesn’t break away easily and he doesn’t have a great second burst or recovery after being knocked down. He is sluggish in coverage and doesn’t fit a 3-4 scheme as a rush linebacker for that reason and also because he is not fast enough. Rush linebackers are normally speed rushers, while Morgan is more well rounded as a pass rusher. He is as close to a first round lock as any defensive end and could be the first defensive end off the board, which may mean he’s a top ten pick when it’s all said and done because of the need for pass rushers in the NFL.

NFL Comparison: Justin Tuck

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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