Dez Bryant

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May 122012


Wide Receiver 

Oklahoma State

6-2 225

40 time: 4.52

Draft board overall prospect rank: #19

Draft board wide receiver rank: #2

Overall rating: 86*

3/30/10: Bryant’s measurables and workout in the positional drills, especially after basically a year off of football, were really impressive considering he was wearing brand new cleats that had not been broken in before. However, when you consider that the reason he did not have cleats is because he “forgot,” it’s hard to consider this pro day a success. He is known for having mental lapses on the field, and dropped a few catchable balls today, so forgetting something as important as your cleats cancels out the good that the strong workout did, especially when it’s something as important of your Pro Day after being suspended a whole year for something stupid. He really did not seem to get the importance of this day.

1/17/10: Suspended for something bizarre, but that shouldn’t hurt his draft stock too much. The character red flags are there and he doesn’t always seem to have his head in the game. He drops way too many passes and isn’t a good route runner, but he’s going to be an excellent #2 deep threat at the next level at worst. He has an amazing size, speed combination and is extremely dangerous in the open field.

Update (11/2/09):  Character issues yes, but what elite wide receiver doesn’t have character issues. When he’s right, he has elite wide receiver potential.

Suspension update: Bryant has been ruled ineligible by the NCAA for the rest of the season for allegedly lied to the NCAA about the activities that took place when we met with former NFL player Deion Sanders. I don’t get how going to lunch with Deion Sanders is something that gets you suspended for the season, but apparently if you lie about it, the NCAA doesn’t like it. This does hurt if he can’t play for the rest of the year because he will be sluggish, at best, going into the combine having missed that much time. Also, the fact that he lied about whatever he did goes with the reputation he has for not always having his head in the game, which leads me to believe that he could be yet another diva wide receiver. Oklahoma State will try to get Bryant reinstated.

6/13/09: Explosive receiver in an explosive big 12 offense, who also helps on kick and punt returns. The first name that comes to mind is Jeremy Maclin, the 19th overall selection in this past NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. However, after explosive receiver, explosive big 12 offense, and kick/punt returner, the comparisons stop between Maclin and Bryant. Maclin runs a better 40 time. He ran a 4.45 at the combine and a 4.43 at his pro day while Bryant is likely to run in the low 4.5s maybe high 4.4s, which for a receiver is actually quite slow. However, after timed speed, the comparisons stop favoring Maclin and start favoring Bryant. Bryant is 2 inches taller and more of a red zone threat. In 2008, his true sophomore season, Bryant had 19 touchdown receptions as compared to Maclin’s 13, even though Maclin was a 3rd year sophomore. Though Bryant runs slower timed, he is actually faster, quicker, and more explosive than Maclin in game situations. Bryant has way better hands than Maclin. One of the things I didn’t like about Maclin is the fact that he’s more of a track star wide receiver than a pass catching wide receiver, meaning he doesn’t have the hands to match his athleticism. Bryant does. Bryant is bigger and stronger which helps in run blocking and tackle breaking. Bryant’s offense at Oklahoma State is more of a pro style offense which means that Bryant isn’t going to have as long of a transition period as Maclin will. Maclin played in a true spread at Missouri, while Bryant plays in a pro style spread at Oklahoma State. The difference, and it’s a big one, the quarterback plays under center in a pro style spread as opposed to 90% of the time in shotgun as is the case in a true spread. Overall, Bryant is going to have a much more productive NFL career. Bryant I can see maturing into a #1 or #2 option. Maclin I can’t see being anything more than a Ted Ginn type speed burner receiver who keeps in the kick return game and on some of those fancy end around plays. Bryant is a better true old school esque receiver, who also can help in the return game and maybe on end arounds if needed, though he hasn’t exactly been used in that situation yet in college.

NFL Comparison: Braylon Edwards

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here 

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