May 122012



For the Eagles: Congratulations. You just handed a wild card berth to a team in your division. I don’t think I’ve seen a stupider trade in a while. The Eagles just made their division the toughest division in football. Why would you do that? Yes, they got good value for the trade when you look at it on a pure value basis, but the fact that they pretty much just made their division rival a playoff contender is pretty stupid. Now they have to try to make the playoffs in a stacked division with the Redskins, the Giants, and the Cowboys and they have to try to do that with a brand new quarterback. Good luck.

Grade: D 

For the Redskins: Obviously a good trade. You get a franchise quarterback who fits the scheme for at least one year, possibly more if they can resign him and given how spend friendly the Redskins have been in recent years, they’ll probably do that, even if they overpay a bit. You still have the 4th pick to use on either Russell Okung or Bryan Bulaga to protect your franchise quarterback. And, now there’s one less team in the division between them and the top based solely on the fact that the Eagles no longer have McNabb. 

Grade: A 



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