May 142012

Donovan McNabb might be the biggest name left on the free agency market and he went on SportsCenter today to say that he’s been training with quarterback guru George Whitfield this offseason and that he’s lost 15-20 pounds. McNabb started last season as a starter for the Vikings, but lost his job to rookie Christian Ponder midseason before being cut. He was not picked up by any team during the season and he has been without a job since.

At one point, McNabb said he was still looking to start, but now he’s changed his tune, saying that his wish list has every team in the league on it. However, with most teams having their starters and backups at quarterback already signed, McNabb might have to take a #3 quarterback job. I’m not sure McNabb’s ego would let him take one, if he’s even offered one. McNabb might be more trouble than he’s worth as a #3 quarterback. He could be done in the NFL at age 35.

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