Drafter Tendencies

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May 122012

When predicting a draft, its important to know what certain drafters and organizations tend to draft

San Diego Chargers- Known for being a bit unpredictable when drafting, but seem to enjoy taller players, building from the outside in, and proven college guys.

Denver Broncos- Not much is known about John Elway’s drafting tendencies, but John Fox likes high character players and hates pass catching tight ends.

Oakland Raiders- Put an extra emphasis on speed and size, actually scratch that, only puts an emphasis on speed and size, Darrius Heyward Bey is the greatest player of all time

Kansas City Chiefs- Come from the New England school of drafting only they aren’t quite as good, enjoy building in the trenches, especially defensive line, known to go with positional value over need

Indianapolis Colts- Strong believers in the best available player theory, much more likely to draft offensive early rather than defensive

Jacksonville Jaguars- Badly need to sell tickets so big name guys are going to be high on their radar, otherwise they are big fans of the best available player theory and also enjoy drafting a player at a position they just drafted

Houston Texans- 3 of their last 4 first round picks were used an offensive or defensive lineman, so there is a strong tendency to build from the inside out

Tennessee Titans- Put extra value on building in the trenches and adding to their defense, though their last two first round picks were used on offensive players

Cincinnati Bengals- Enjoy drafting players with a criminal record, no character, no problem, all they care about is football talent and potential

Pittsburgh Steelers- Tend to go with best available player and also enjoy watching Big Ben get hit many times and not doing anything about the offensive line, enjoy bigger offensive lineman rather than smaller

Baltimore Ravens- Often ignore positional needs for the best available player

Cleveland Browns- Enjoy drafting low on the positional value chart and are known for getting ripped off in draft day trades, last year traded the rights to a franchise quarterback for the rights to a center, as well as a free safety, a 3-4 defensive end, and a few later picks

New England Patriots- Hate to draft in their assigned spot and will make about 35 draft day trades in an effort to someday have every pick in the entire 2nd round, prefer to draft in the trenches, and do not fall in love with prospects and will never trade up to get a guy, a bit afraid to draft rush linebackers, known for making smart draft moves

New York Jets- Presumably like to draft defense based on Rex Ryan’s history as a defensive coordinator, but there isn’t much evidence either way. Drafted a quarterback in the first round last year because it was a huge need and were not afraid to move up 12 spots to get their guy, also later traded many picks for the rights to Shonn Greene so a history of falling in love with players is there

Miami Dolphins- Speed over size, fundamentals over athleticism, build in trenches, its been the Parcells way for years

Buffalo Bills- New regime, no idea about drafting tendency, though securing a franchise quarterback would likely be high on their list

Arizona Cardinals- Offense over defense, value over need

San Francisco 49ers- “I want winners!” -Mike Singletary

Seattle Seahawks- New regime so it can be tough to tell, especially since no GM is currently in place, but Pete Carroll, like college coaches before him, will likely put a greater emphasis on guys who were good college players, and also put added value on guys they worked with at the college level

St. Louis Rams- Big fans of positional value upstairs and their coach puts an extra emphasis on defense and a good pass rush as shown by his years as a pass rush minded coordinator with the Giants

New Orleans Saints- Big fans of best available, known to stock pile wide receivers

Atlanta Falcons- Draft for need rather than positional value, known to reach a bit, and also known to draft up for a guy they like

Carolina Panthers- Known to trade away their first round pick, and build in the trenches, offensive line over defensive line

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Committed to building around their young quarterback, but their head coach is also a defensive minded guy who lacks a good defense right now, so defense could be high on his list as well

Minnesota Vikings- Don’t put a huge stock on guys with character issues, big lineman over faster more athletic lineman, known to take risks

Green Bay Packers- Straight off of the draft board, best available always, regardless of needs

Chicago Bears- Defensive over offensive, haven’t had a ton of early picks in a while

Detroit Lions- Value over need every time, might be committed to building around Matt Stafford, but I’m not sure

Dallas Cowboys- The bigger the name the better, also enjoy ignoring needs and drafting many guys at the same positional, would rather eat bugs than draft defensive backs, especially early, big offensive lineman over smaller lineman

Philadelphia Eagles- Build from the inside out, enjoy large offensive lineman, hate to draft running backs

New York Giants- Big fans of drafting best available, also enjoy building their defensive line

Washington Redskins- Owner like the big name, head coach will be looking for his own quarterback, like to pick some random running back late and run him 300 times the next season then repeat process, athletic lineman over bigger lineman 

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