May 122012

Defensive End/Rush Linebacker


6-3 273

40 time: 4.64

Draft board overall prospect rank: #25

Draft board defensive end rank: #3

Overall rating: 85* 

            3/28/10: Everson Griffen has had the eyes of the scouts glued to him since he was a freshman at USC. He was an amazing athlete with possible 4.5 speed at 6-3 260, who had 5 sacks, despite making two starts only, as a true freshman in 2007. He was being compared to Vernon Gholston who had recent been drafted 6th overall with similar measurables. However, neither he nor Vernon Gholston ever lived up to their hype and as a result, many scouts have gone sour on Griffen. Instead of being a top 10 pick lock, Griffen may not even go in the first round and if he does, it’ll be on the strength of his 4.64 speed at 6-3 273 and his athletic upside rather than the 11 sacks he had in the last two years as a starter since that eye opening freshman. I will not deny the upside because that would be impossible, but he could be a huge risk as a first round pick. The tape doesn’t match the measurables and the upside so he’s a major boom or bust prospect. He’s an extremely fluid athlete with experience and past comfortably dropping into coverage so he may be able to play rush linebacker, despite his added weight, though I am no longer so sure. He did add the extra weight, but that didn’t help his game as much as it should have. He lacks consistency, awareness, instincts and an elite motor. He doesn’t have work ethic issues, but his work ethic and his effort and motor are not the greatest which limits his potential to capitalize on his upside. He struggles when run at, despite his size, and often looks disinterested against the run. His pass rushing repertoire is very raw, like the rest of him. He is inexperienced. He lacks elite hand use and good leverage and he may end up being just a situational rusher at the next level. He doesn’t disengage from blockers very easily and looks very demotivated by blockers. He’s excellent in space and when holes are freed up for him, but he doesn’t free up a lot of space for himself often. He’s very comfortable and fast in pursuit of a back to the outside and has excellent chase speed. He’s certainly one of the more interesting NFL Draft prospects from this draft class, but he’s really boom or bust.

NFL Comparison: Will Smith

*For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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