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In case you haven’t noticed, this site is called The Football Fan Spot. There’s a reason for that. We try to make this all about the fan, the true football fan, the fan who loves every detail about the sport and the NFL. So, we thought we’d have some of these true fans featured on this site and have them make some picks in a mock draft. Here’s how it went. 

Updated 4/21/10 

1. St. Louis Rams- DT Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska)

Bill Schmid

No write up provided

2. Detroit Lions- OT Russell Okung (Oklahoma State)

Dan Froelich

Needless to say the Detroit Lions were disappointed when the Rams decided to select Suh over Sam Bradford. Fortunately for the Lions though, Okung is a man who will be a definite starter from day one. The Lions will also now be able to move Jeff Backus to guard. Most offensive tackles coming out of college are either really good at run blocking or pass blocking, but in Okung he does both really well. Even though the Lions did not get the player they were hoping for to shore up their pathetic D-line from last year, they drafted an excellent player who also plays the second most important position on your offense.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-DT Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma)

No name provided

There are HIGH FIVES in this war room as the Bucs are estactic to get a key piece for there defensive scheme. Tampa did entertain trade up offers for Sam Bradford suitors but couldn’t pass on the quick and explosive McCoy He’ll provide penetration on a defense that managed only 28 sacks last season.

4. Washington Redskins- QB Sam Bradford (Oklahoma)

Andrew Livingston

The Redskins would be ecstatic if the Draft falls this way for them. Mike Shannhan gets to mold his new QB, and Bradford has all the intangibles. James Andrews who performed the surgery on Bradford is the Redskins team physician and he will give them the go ahead to make this pick. Hopefully this will be the Franchise QB the Redskins have been looking to find for a long time.

*pick made before McNabb deal*

5. Kansas City Chiefs- S Eric Berry (Tennessee)

Jonathan Bosley

Most of those in the know, were projecting this pick to be for one of the top offensive tackle. However with Okung going earlier to the Lions, they felt that Brian Bulaga was a reach at the 5th spot. Unwilling to trade down, the Chiefs now have their defensive star for the next decade. Drawing comparisons to Baltimore’s Ed Reed, Berry will provide a force Kansas City has been looking for on defense. KC’s war room is ecstatic to pick such a solid player.

6. Seattle Seahawks- CB Joe Haden (Florida)

Ryan Wittman

There are some different options that the Seahawks could do here. The way the draft has fallen so far, there are only 4 players they could take: Jimmy Clausen, Bryan Bulaga, Dez Bryant and Joe Haden. A month ago, this pick would have been Clausen but Seattle traded for Charlie Whitehurst and gave him a new contract. I’m convinced that they will not draft a quarterback this year because they are going to see if Whitehurst will pan out. The next choice, Bulaga, would not make as much sense because they could easily draft Trent Williams or Anthony Davis with their second first-round pick. Then it comes down to Bryant and Haden. Seattle was 30th in pass defense last year, and Josh Wilson was burned way too much in coverage last year. Haden is a shut down corner and will improve Seattle’s secondary from Day one.

7. Cleveland Browns- DE Derrick Morgan (Georgia Tech)

Manny Torres

No write up provided

8. Oakland Raiders- S Taylor Mays (USC)

Brennen (no last name provided)

After being pushed by his coaching staff to select a top O-Line prospect, Al Davis decides to draft Combine wonder Taylor Mays, Safety, out of USC.  He’s a physical freak, though there’s questions about his ability to cover and tackle consistently.  But his numbers are the exact kind of thing that Al Davis goes after.

9. Buffalo Bills- QB Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame)

Steven Lourie

The Bills will be ecstatic if the draft goes this way. I don’t hate Trent Edwards as a quarterback. He’s a serviceable guy, but you don’t win 11, 12, 13 games with a serviceable quarterback. The regime that drafted him is gone and it’s time for the new regime to start fresh with a new signal caller and try to start winning games in large quantities.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars- WR Arrelious Benn (Illinois)

Tim Higgins

No write up provided

11. Denver Broncos- MLB Rolando McClain (Alabama)

Tony Coyne

The Atlanta, GA product was well-respected as one of the biggest hitters and most feared defenders at the college level.  McClain stands in at 6’4” and 256 pounds and he reportedly runs a 4.6 in the 40-year-dash. That’s a scary combination of size and speed to say the least.  The recent release of Andra Davis makes this selection as the best bet for what Denver will do since the Broncos don’t have an obvious in-house replacement for Davis and McClain is a perfect fit at inside linebacker in their 3-4 defense and will be the 2010 Defensive Rookie of the Year!!!

Here are some other options for Denver if McClain is not available or if Denver wants to go another direction:

ILB – Rolando McClain – 55% favorite
WR – Dez Bryant – 15% (odds increase if Brandon Marshall traded…but recent workouts by Bryant make this unlikely)
NT – Dan Williams – 13% 
DE/OLB – Jason Pierre-Paul – 10% 
An Offensive Lineman  – 7%

Note:  There is a very good chance Denver looks to trade this pick to a team if they are not high on McClain or Bryant.  Teams might be looking to trade up for a player that has fallen (McClain, Clausen, D Bryant, CJ Spiller, or one of the OT’s).

*pick made before Brandon Marshall deal*

12. Miami Dolphins- NT Dan Williams (Tennessee)

Cody Taylor

This is a good pick for the Dolphins because it will help rebuild their d-line that is getting old. He could be a cornerstone for their defense for many years to come.

13. San Francisco 49ers- OT Bryan Bulaga (Iowa)

Ryan Wittman

With the 13th pick in the 2010 Draft, the San Francisco 49ers use their first pick on: Bryan Bulaga (OT, Iowa)

With the first of their two first round picks, the Niners turn to their biggest weakness last season, the offensive line. Right tackle Adam Snyder allowed 9.5 sacks last year. They need to protect Alex Smith, who is finally starting to be a solid player in this league. Bulaga is projected by some to be the first offensive tackle taken, even ahead of Russell Okung, so this pick is an absolute steal. He can start at right tackle and will be considered the team’s left tackle of the future.

14. Seattle Seahawks- RB CJ Spiller (Clemson)

Drew Jinx

Actually the Seahawks War Room is a little frustrated.  This half of the War Room was wanting AND figuring on selecting CB Kyle Wilson from Boise State at this spot (and getting a steal by doing so) but since management went with CB Joe Haden from Florida with the Sixth Overall selection we had a big debate between taking an OT or Spiller at the RB position here.  In the end, the team needs to make a splash with this selection as well as give Coach Carroll his newest weapon!

15. New York Giants- CB Kyle Wilson (Boise State)

Cody Taylor

This is a great pick for the Giants Who Struggled in pass coverage last year and need a solid CB to help a defense that struggled towards the end of last season

16. Tennessee Titans- DE Jason Pierre Paul (South Florida)

Andre Beamon

The Titans will select Pierre-Paul because they are in heavy need of a pass rusher to help out their pass defense which was ranked 31st in the league last year. Also, they lost Kyle Vanden Bosch to Detroit and have chosen not to resign Jevon Kearse. The Titans say that Pierre-Paul reminds them of Jevon Kearse when they drafted him back in 1999 due to his size and his freakish athletic ability. However, Pierre-Paul is raw and inexperienced but his potential is through the roof. He will be tutored by Titans D-line coach Jim Washburn who is regarded to be the best in the league. The Titans will be hoping that Pierre-Paul will have an immediate impact on the defense like Chris Johnson had on the offense.


17. San Francisco 49ers- S Earl Thomas (Texas)

Steven Lourie

Great value pick for the Niners. Dashon Goldston could slide over to the strong side where he would be a better fit and Thomas will give them the ballhawking safety they need. He can also play some corner.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers- OT Trent Williams (Oklahoma)

Bill Schmid

With the 18th pick the Steelers are stuned that OT Trent Williams is still on the Board. They Take their future Left Tackle.

19. Atlanta Falcons- DE Brandon Graham (Michigan)

Dan Freolich

Brandon Graham really impressed the Falcon’s Personel Staff at the Senior Bowl. The Falcons have quite a few issues on the defensive side of the ball and Graham will really shore up the either the LB position or DE position. He may be a tad small to play 4-3 DE, but has always been stout against the run and will add some pass rush to a team that had a lack of a pass rush last season. The Falcons do not have a 2nd round pick so this pick really needs to count. All in all this should be a very solid pick for the Falcons.

20. Houston Texans- CB Kareem Jackson (Alabama)

Andrew Livingston

No write up provided

21. Cincinnati Bengals- WR Dez Bryant (Oklahoma State)

Jonathan Bosley

The pick is in. Bengals select WR Dez Bryant Oklahoma State. With the recent success of the Bengals draft picks and their immaculate off the field behavior, the Bengals found the top rated receiver laid at their feet. With Bryant’s suspension his final year, Cincy has finally found a solid character guy for their lockerroom. I apoligize if the sarcasm did not come through in text. But if Dez Bryant lives up to his billing, the Bungles will have a great receiver.

22. New England Patriots- MLB Sean Weatherspoon (Missouri)

No name provided

The Pats need an LB on defense. They haven’t been the same since the days of Ty Law and it would be good to see Weatherspoon out there..he hits hard and can tackle.

23. Green Bay Packers- G Mike Iupati (Idaho)

Jon Serrao

With the 23rd pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select G Mike Iupati. He is the best guard in the draft and would be a steal at number 22. At 6’5” 330 he will be absolute beast.  He would improve the Packers running game  and has the skills to be a great pass protector as well.  I compare him to NFL great Steve Hutchinson.  

24. Philadelphia Eagles- MLB Brandon Spikes (Florida)

Brennen (no last name provided)

With the 24th overall pick in the 2010 NFL the Philadelphia Eagles select LB Brandon Spikes.  His physical intangibles are fantastic and he plays with an emotional motor similar to that of Jeremiah Trotter in his prime.  He’s durable and very physical.  He does need some coaching and refinement to build up his blitzing abilities but the Eagles coaching staff fully believes they can do just that. The Eagles are ecstatic to select him.

25. Baltimore Ravens- RLB Everson Griffen (USC)

Tim Higgins

No write up

26. Arizona Cardinals- WR Golden Tate (Notre Dame)

Blake Bellamy

With Boldin gone to the Ravens and Kurt Warner retired. Matt Leinart will need some more help than just Fitzgerald and Breaston. Plus I dont think Breaston can play across from Fitzgerald because hes more of a slot WR. Tate is a fast reciever (4.36 40) and can jump high (10-0 Broad Jump) despite his height (5’11).

27. Dallas Cowboys- OT Anthony Davis (Rutgers)

Steven Lourie

The Cowboys are lucky to have a bunch of choices at left tackle to replace Flozell Adams, Anthony Davis, Bruce Campbell, and Charles Brown, but the Cowboys like size on the o-line so the 330 pound Davis is most likely of that bunch.

28. San Diego Chargers- NT Terrence Cody (Alabama)

Mikhael Ricks

Ryan Mathews, Jahvid Best (concussions), Terrence Cody (weight under control), Johnathan Dwyer, Joe McKnight, are all on San Diego’s Draft Board,  and the obvious choice would be for us to take a Running Back with the departure of LT, and Sproles not being an everydown back.  With the departure of Williams, and Igor the obvious choice will be to draft TERRENCE CODY and hope we can get a decent RB to mold in this pass happy offense for the future.

So with the 28th pick the San Diego Chargers will take Terrence Cody.

**By the way, this is former NFL wide receiver/tight end Mikhael Ricks. He is both a former player and now a fan and adds some star power to our fans mock. Check out The Football Fan Spot’s interview with him, by clicking here.**

29. New York Jets- 3-4 DE Jared Odrick (Penn State)

Tony Coyne

Jared Odrick (6’5″ 308 lbs) will provide the NY Jets with a much needed pass rush.  Odrick has a good body frame with room to bulk and is an outstanding penetrator who knows how to get up the field and disrupt.

30. Minnesota kings- QB Tim Tebow (Florida)

Drew Jinx

Brief commentary on the Vikings pick: The pick may have been OG, Idaho, Mike Iupati; however, with him off the board, the team took the opportunity to get a one-of-a-kind entity.  Some may ask, “Why?” … BECAUSE WE CAN!  Player Personnel is not the biggest fan of Coach Childress, but with the return of Brett Favre, the basic foundation is in the work to start the assistance in molding Tebow or his delivery or mechanics or whatever may arise (or whatever the critics think may arise).  The facts are that this guy is the greatest college player ever, a QB, a TRUE leader, and a WINNER!  And he has character to boot!  This isn’t going to be a mike vick or vince young situation.  In fact, Player Personnel is actually hoping T-Jack is now the odd man (QB) out the door (Childress’ personal and previously FAILED project) and thatSage Rosenfels is kept as Favre’s initial backup.  But don’t doubt that Tebow will see time and will see different type of action as what made him a star with the Gators!  In the end, the hype and debate and anticipation is over- Tim Tebow does go first round, and Tim Tebow is a Viking!  The new face of the franchise with Favre and he will be after Favre along with Jared Allen on the defensive side.  [[[ PS- The Minnesota stadium deal gets done now, too. ]]] 

31. Indianapolis Colts- C Maurkice Pouncey (Florida)

Zach Mentz 

Pouncey is considered the top Center prospect in this years NFL Draft, and seeing as Jeff Saturday will be 35 years old come this June, the Colts need to begin to develop new blood up front to protect Peyton & company. In recent years, Indianapolis has used their first round picks on skill players (Anthony Gonzalez, Donald Brown, etc). However, the Colts selecting Maurkice Pouncey makes sense if they believe that he can one day anchor the line in place of Jeff Saturday.

32. New Orleans Saints- OLB Sergio Kindle (Texas)

Heidi Ifft

Sergio Kindle is still on the board?  Well, while not the absolute perfect fit for the defensive scheme, we can’t pass him up. He’s too good to be around still.  He’ll fill our pass rushing needs at DE, or fill the hole at LB. Either way, we like him. We’d actually like two of him. So…with #32 The New Orleans Saints happily take Sergio Kindle from from Texas.

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If you participated in this, thank you, and if your name/last name/write up is not in here it is because you did not provide it. If you want it included, send me an email. 



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