Jul 172012

In an interview with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, former NFL wide receiver Chris Chambers said he was training for a return to the NFL. Chambers, who was out of football last season, has 540 career catches for 7648 yards and 58 touchdowns in 10 seasons with the Dolphins, Chargers, and Chiefs after the Dolphins took him in the 2nd round in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Those are solid numbers, but he’s also 34 in August, didn’t play in the NFL last year and hasn’t caught more than 36 passes in a season since 2007. Given that a receiver like Plaxico Burress, who played in the NFL and had decent production last year (better than Chambers had had since 2007), is still out of a job at a similar age, Chambers is highly unlikely to get signed. Other veteran receivers like Burress, Braylon Edwards, Mike Sims-Walker, Mike Williams, or even Terrell Owens seem more likely to get signed at this point that Chambers. Chambers admitted in the same interview that he would officially retire if he couldn’t latch on with a team. That seems like the most likely outcome.

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