Gerald McCoy

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May 122012


Defensive Tackle/3-4 Defensive End 


6-4 298

40 time: 4.96

Draft board overall prospect rank: #5

Draft board defensive tackle rank: #2

Overall rating: 96*

1/20/10: If it weren’t for Suh, we’d all be singing McCoy’s praises right now. He would have been a lock first round pick last year and he came back and followed up his 6.5 sacks in 2008 with a repeat performance this year of 6.5 sacks. He is a top ten pick lock and could go in the top 3, along with Suh, the first time a defensive tackle has gone in the top 3 since 2000. He would be an ideal fit as a 4-3 one gap penetrator in a zone scheme defense but he can play the 3-4 as a defensive end and all 4-3 schemes.

            7/31/09: Gerald McCoy has that size, speed combination that defensive coordinators and NFL scouts love out of defensive line. He’s about 6-4 295 pounds and could run a sub 5 40, but that doesn’t tell the whole tale. He has great upper and lower body strength and a great repertoire of pass rushing moves. He’s a great pass rusher for a defensive tackle and is strong against the run. He’s got a great initial burst through the middle and is very hard to keep out of the backfield. Ideally, you’d like him to put on 10 pounds without losing the quickness, but that’s really just being nitpicky. He’s an elite prospect and probably the best defensive line prospect since Glenn Dorsey. He’s most valuable as a 4-3 under tackle, but he can play 3-4 defensive end as well. However, teams looking for 3-4 defensive ends will probably take Ndamukong Suh over him because he’s a better fit. He’s not a 3-4 nose tackle because of his lack of size, but Glenn Dorsey wasn’t either coming out and that didn’t stop the Chiefs from putting him there. He’s really a guy with no flaws in his game. He’s still young, 21, and won’t be 22 until February 2010, so he’s got room to grow. He’s been an impact every since he stepped field in 2007 as a redshirt freshman. It’ll be interesting to see if he can still put up great numbers on a defense with less talent. He’s played on the very talented Oklahoma defense for the last 2 years, but its hard to knock him for that. In fact, the fact that he’s been able to stand out as a big time playmaker and NFL prospect on a defense so good is a huge plus. He plays with a mean streak, but isn’t overly aggressive and is a very sound tackler. He’s an elite prospect with big time talent and should be a top 10 pick lock.

NFL Comparison: Kevin Williams

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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