Nov 082012

Last week: 2 (+0)

The Texans didn’t put much effort into their game against the Bills, though they still won by 12, so I’m not going to put much effort into this write up. They’ll win the AFC’s top seed with ease regardless of what happens. They really only play 2 teams with close to their talent level the rest of the way, Chicago (this week) and New England, and even if they lose both, only the banged up Ravens, who they blew out and who they hold the tiebreaker with, have less than 3 losses in the AFC, while Houston only has 1. Those two games will just be bench marks games for them to prove themselves because they got blown out by the Packers at home, the only really tough opponent they had (keep in mind, Denver hadn’t hit their stride yet when they played and I don’t count Baltimore).


QB Matt Schaub: 19 of 27 for 268 yards and 2 touchdowns, 1 throw away, 105.9 adjusted QB rating, pressured 7 on 29 drop backs (2 sacks, 2 of 5, 1 throw away)

WR Andre Johnson: Caught 8 passes for 118 yards on 10 attempts on 31 pass snaps, 6.4 YAC per catch

TE Owen Daniels: Caught 4 passes for 62 yards and a touchdown on 7 attempts on 25 pass snaps, 4.0 YAC per catch

LE JJ Watt: 1 sack and 5 quarterback hurries on 44 pass rush snaps, 4 solo tackles, 5 stops

CB Johnathan Joseph: Allowed 5 catches for 48 yards on 9 attempts, 1 pass deflection, 4 solo tackles, 1 stop

P Donnie Jones: 5 punts for 247 yards, 0 inside 20, 4 returns for 37 yards, 42.0 net yards per punt


C Chris Myers: Allowed 1 quarterback hit and 1 quarterback pressure on 31 pass block snaps, 1 penalty, run blocked for 46 yards on 13 attempts

MLB Tim Dobbins: Allowed 8 catches for 97 yards on 9 attempts, 4 solo tackles, 1 assist, 3 stops, 1 missed tackle

RE Antonio Smith: 2 quarterback hurries on 39 pass rush snaps, 1 penalty, 1 solo tackle, 1 stop

K Shayne Graham: 4 kickoff, 0 touchbacks, 51.5 yards per kickoff, 26.5 opponent’s average starting position, 0/1 FG

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