Sep 252013

Last week: 32

Give the Jaguars credit. They almost covered the spread as 19 point underdogs in the first half. And yeah, they drafted a punter over Russell Wilson, but he was used 7 times against the Seahawks, while Russell Wilson was sitting on the bench by the middle of the 3rd quarter. It’s back to Blaine Gabbert this week for the Jaguars, but it won’t matter. The worst thing they can do at this point is win because they are the clear favorites for Teddy Bridgewater at this point. Maybe that was their plan all along, draft the best available in 2013, cut big contracts, and build for 2014 and beyond.

Week 3 Studs


Week 4 Studs

QB Chad Henne

TE DJ Williams

LG Will Rackley

SS John Cyprien

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