Jahvid Best

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May 122012


Running Back 


5-10 199

40 time: 4.35

Draft board overall prospect rank: #15

Draft board running back rank: #1

Overall rating: 87*

1/17/10: He could fall below CJ Spiller in the draft because of his concussion late in the season, but he’s a more complete player than Spiller. He’s got more explosive legs, he’s a better runner in between the tackles, and his 40 time is probably going to be faster. They are comparable players in terms of pure speed, but Spiller is more of a straight line runner while Best has better running back skills like initial explosion and good change of direction.

                9/6/09: To put it bluntly, Jahvid Best is fast. In terms of game speed, he may be the fastest player in college football. He has an excellent arsenal of quickness, speed, and moves and had a YPC average of 8.1 last season. He’s also a solid pass catcher. At a time with the wildcat and crazy offenses of the sort, speed guys like Best are becoming more and more valuable. Another season like last year’s and Best is probably a first round pick. In a way, Best is similar to Joe McKnight, CJ Spiller, and Noel Divine, the three big name speedsters who could come out this year, but I think he’s faster than all of them in terms of game speed. As for his timed speed, expect it to be somewhere between 4.31-4.35, with a possibility of a sub 4.3 time. Because of his speed, he’s a threat for a big play every time he touches the ball, but he’s also at risk for 1 or 2 yard clunkers every time he touches the ball. He’s not very big at 5-10 195. Normally you like your running backs to be about 200 pounds in the NFL and Best comes up just short. Even Chris Johnson, Tennessee’s speedster, is 200 pounds. He’s not a great in between the tackles runner and might never become an every down back in the NFL, though in an era with running back by committees and the wildcat offense, that doesn’t mean he’s not valuable and that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of going in the first round. He has good hands when means you could line him up in the slot to through off defenses. He has an injury history and had 2 surgeries this offseason, though after his first game this season, in which he had 137 yards on 10 carries and 2 touchdowns, it appears he has shaken those injuries off. Still, with his small frame you have to wonder if he can take an NFL caliber beating. In the end, this guy is a first day lock with his speed and has the potential, with another big season and a big combine, to make the first round, though, at this point, the early 2nd round seems a little bit more realistic, as he hasn’t proven he can carry the load by himself. His career high for carries in a season is 194 and he only has 233 carries in his whole college career.

NFL Comparison: Jamaal Charles

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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