Jul 172012

According to a report by Pro Football Talk, Jets receiver Santonio Holmes does not believe a two-quarterback system can work in the NFL. This is noteworthy because the Jets are planning on running the closest thing we have in the NFL to a two-quarterback system with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Holmes is essentially saying he doesn’t believe in what the coaching staff is trying.

This might not be as big of news if Holmes didn’t have his already negative history in New York. Holmes was a real locker room cancer last season and disrupter of team chemistry on a Jets team that disappointed and missed the playoffs after back-to-back AFC Championship game appearances and an 8-5 start. Former teammate LaDainian Tomlinson said last week that Holmes will likely check out mentally (at best) in a run heavy offense, which is what the Jets are planning on using. Anyway you add it together, it doesn’t look like things are going to end well for Holmes in New York.

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