May 122012


Wide Receiver 


5-11 183

40 time: 4.57

Draft board overall prospect rank: #132

Draft board wide receiver rank: #16

Overall rating: 68*

2/28/10: Again, maybe another guy who has having a bad day, but a 4.57 hurts his stock until he proves himself to be faster than that at his pro day. This is a guy who needs to be fast at the next level to succeed.

            10/4/09: If you look at Jordan Shipley, you wouldn’t think he was a football player. When you look at him play, you realize he is quite a good one. However, when you look at him play right now, you’re seeing basically the type of player he’ll be for the rest of his football career. His not very athletic and, because he redshirted twice with injuries, making him a 6th year senior, he’ll be 24 by draft day. He’s a very smart player and can add to an NFL team right away. He runs good routes and makes a lot of catches. He projects as a slot guy in the NFL because he doesn’t have starter caliber athleticism. He has good straight line speed and is one of the best kick returners in the history of the University of Texas. He’s not overly tall or athletic and won’t win a lot of jump balls. He is fragile and has already had his fair share of bad injuries. He has a small frame and will get out muscled by cornerbacks and by other defenders on run plays. He seems like the kind of guy who can stick around in the league for a while, as a depth guy, a 3rd or 4th receiver. He’ll never be a star in the NFL or even a starter, but he’ll stick around awhile, barring another major injury, because he’s smart, consistent, and fundamentally sound.

NFL Comparison: Brandon Stokley

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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