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May 122012

There isn’t a lot of regulation about teams listing players at certain heights or weights in college, so the senior bowl weigh ins are huge for scouts to see what they are looking at physically, so whose stock is changing with Senior Bowl weigh ins

QB/RB Jarrett Brown- West Virginia UP 

6’2 6/8″ 

219 lbs

Arm 33 1/2″

Hand 9 7/8″ 

Notes: Very athletic frame, measurables suggest a move to running back is possible. That’s good because he wasn’t going to make it as a quarterback in the NFL.

FB Rashawn Jackson- Virginia DOWN 

6’0 6/8″ 

239 lbs

Arm 31 5/8″

Hand 10″ 

Notes: 239 is small for a fullback.

WR Marshawn Gilyard– Cincinnati Down 

5’11 5/8″ 

179 lbs

Arm 30 5/8″

Hand 9″ 

Notes: Measuring 2 inches shorter than what you were listed at is never a good thing. 

TE Dorin Dickerson- Pittsburgh DOWN

6’1 2/8″

222 lbs

Arm 33″

Hand 10″

Notes: Does he have a position? He played both tight end and fullback in college, but he doesn’t appear to be anywhere near big enough to play either of those at the NFL level which is a shame because of his production. His 40 time will have to be wide receiver esque for him to get drafted.

TE Garrett Graham- Wisconsin DOWN

6-3 1/8″

234 lbs

Arm 30 3/4″

Hand 9 3/8″

Notes: Very skinny for his position.

TE Mike Homanawanui- Illinois UP

6’3 6/8″

267 lbs

Arm 32 1/8″

Hand 10 1/4″ 

Notes: He’s being looked at as a big blocker so weighing in at 267 pounds helps his case to get drafted. So do his long arms and hands.

OT Selvish Capers- West Virginia UP 

6’4 5/8″

304 lbs

Arm 34″

Hand 10″ 

Notes: Listed at 290 so weighing in at 304 helps. Long arms also suggest there is room to bulk.

OT Sam Young– Notre Dame DOWN

6’7 6/8″

305 lbs

Arm 34 1/8″

Hand 10″ 

Notes: Weighing in at 305 when you’re best chance of getting drafted early is as a big mauling right tackle is bad. He’s not a great pass blocker either so scouts may see him as a man without a position.

NT Terrence Cody– Alabama DOWN


370 lbs

Arm 34″

Hand 11 1/4″ 

Notes: He is a large man. One can only hope he keeps his shirt on when he runs the 40 at the combine.

S Myron Rolle– Florida State UP

6’1 4/8″

217 lbs

Arm 33″

Hand 9 1/4″ 

Notes: Good to see he stayed in shape in his year away from football. 

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