Mar 222014

Randy Starks is an underrated, undermentioned player who has graded out above average in each of the last 6 seasons from 2008-2013 since becoming a starter, maxing out as Pro Football Focus’ 2nd ranked 3-4 defensive end in 2009 and 7th ranked defensive tackle in 2013. He has scheme versatility at 6-3 312 and can play both 5-technique defensive end in a 3-4 and defensive tackle in a 4-3 and, even though he’s going into his age 31 season, he’s coming off one of the best seasons of his career.

The Dolphins are keeping him in Miami on a mere 2-year, 12 million dollar deal which is perfect for the stage of his career that Starks is in. Only 5 million dollars of it (his first year’s salary) is guaranteed so in case he rapidly declines next season, they can get out of this deal as if it was a 1-year, 5 million dollar pact. I’m shocked that they were able to keep Starks this cheap, especially after his inferior, one dimensional ex-teammate Paul Soliai got 33 million over 5 years (14 million guaranteed) from the Falcons. This is a very good deal with minimal downside.

Grade: A

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