Mike Iupati Scout

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May 122012





6-5 331

40 time: 5.26

Draft board overall prospect rank: #30

Draft board guard rank: #1

Overall rating: 83*

            4/6/10: Mike Iupati is one of the most talked about guard prospects in a long time, drawing premature comparisons to Larry Allen, who is by far the best guard to play the game of football in the last 20 years. He is as much of a first round lock as any guard can be and I’ve seen him mocked as high as #13 to the Niners. I think the hype around him is overly ridiculous. He’s a very high upside raw prospect, but this not a high ready to contribute from week 1 like most think. He is a mauling blocker and uses his weight extremely well and he moves his feet amazingly for his size, but his technique is very raw and he was very inconsistent against less than stellar competition. He struggled in pass protection against the extremely quick Geno Atkins in the Senior Bowl. However, he has had moments of sheer dominance, entire quarters where he has just taken guys out of the game completely. He locks onto a guy and he’s just completely dominant. He can take on nose tackles and still shut them down one on one. He finishes his blocks well and seals off well. However, he is still raw and needs to work on consistency. His motor runs hot and cold. He lacks elite footwork and handwork. He is still a borderline first round prospect and a first round lock, with his elite athleticism, his ability to shut a defensive lineman down one on one and also to move in space well and play a zone scheme even at his size, but he needs to work on consistency. Teams like the Niners, the Steelers at 18, the Texans at 20, the Patriots at 22, the Packers at 23, the Eagles at 24, the Cowboys at 27, and the Vikings at 30 will all have strong interest in him in the bottom half of the 1st and I would be very surprised if he slipped out.

NFL Comparison: Davin Joseph

*=For a breakdown of what this means, click here



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