Sep 252013

Last week: 28 (-2)

The Jaguars might have “won” the Teddy Bridgewater bowl when they lost to the Raiders week 2, but the Vikings might have “won” the Tajh Boyd bowl by losing to the Browns last week. It’ll be interesting to see if they actually pull the trigger on a quarterback early in 2014. Head Coaches are usually very stubborn when it comes it giving up on quarterbacks they drafted in the first round (see Ryan, Rex) and it’s very doubtful that Leslie Frazier gets fired, no matter how badly the Vikings do this season. At the same time, reports have said that the Vikings are closer to benching Ponder than anyone knows. We’ll see what they do.

Week 3 Studs

RG Brandon Fusco

CB Marcus Sherels

ROLB Desmond Bishop

Week 3 Duds

TE Kyle Rudolph

LG Charlie Johnson

RE Jared Allen

CB Josh Robinson

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