Ndamukong Suh

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May 122012


Defensive Tackle/3-4 Defensive End 


6-4 307

40 time: 4.98

Draft board overall prospect rank: #1

Draft board defensive tackle rank: #1

Overall rating: 99*

1/20/10: People who love stats get high off of Suh’s stat card. Over the last two years, Suh has 158 tackles, 19 sacks, 3 picks, and 2 touchdowns all as a 6-4 300 pound defensive tackle. He also led his team in pass breakups this year with 10. There’s a reason he received the most Heisman votes of any defensive lineman in NCAA Football history. He may be the most dominant defensive lineman of the decade. He can play both the 3-4 defensive end position and the 4-3 defensive tackle position. He will make a huge impact on the huge from the moment he enters the NFL. I can’t see him falling past the Lions at #2 and he could be the first defensive tackle to go #1 overall since Dan Wilkinson in 1994. 

12/12/09: 12 sacks in the Big 12 as a 6-4 300 defensive tackle who could run a sub 5 40, that is sick. All the measurables are there for him to be an elite defensive line prospect in the NFL and there has been no evidence that he has any major flaws in his game on the field. He would be equally good in the 3-4 as a defensive end as he would be as a defensive tackle in the 4-3.

6/28/09: Ndamukong Suh has defensive end skills in a defensive tackle’s body. At 305 pounds, he could play under tackle or nose tackle in a 4-3, but he had 7.5 sacks last season against good competition in the Big 12. He should run the 40 at around 5.0, which is very good for someone his size and a whole tenth of a second faster than Glenn Dorsey, another college tackle known for his pass rushing ability, did in 2008. He’s probably best suited and most valuable as a big 3-4 defensive end. Tyson Jackson was a big 3-4 defensive end last year and went #3 overall so Suh could get drafted very early. His speed and athleticism was apparent last season when, in addition to his 7.5 sacks, he had 2 interception returns for touchdowns. He has great hands for a defensive lineman and not only had 2 picks, but caught a touchdown as a tight end. His hands and his ability to drop back into coverage or pick up a running back or full back coming out of the backfield are very rare and will be an added bonus to anyone who takes him. He has a history of injury issues and he’s a bit of a one year wonder, but he definitely has a shot to become a two year wonder with a good season this season. He can be hard to motivate. The Nebraska coaching staff had to come down on him very hard in order to motivate him. He responded by having an All-Big 12 caliber season, but that fact that a fire had to be lit under him raises some concerns. Still, there is a huge market for guys like Suh, who can play 3 positions and play in any defensive scheme, guys who have a combination of size, strength, speed, and quickness. He has a very good shot to go top 10 on draft day 2010.

NFL Comparison: Warren Sapp 

*For a breakdown of what this means, click here

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