Oct 232013

Last week: 4 (+0)

Record: 5-2

The call that might have cost the Patriots a win was definitely questionable considering the number of times it wasn’t called this season and the stakes in those circumstances. However, it was the right call by the new rule. Bill Belichick took the blame for not understanding the rule, but you can’t blame him considering the Patriots did the same thing the week before and the refs didn’t care. Even the NFL’s official website didn’t have the rule right and had to edit the text of an article referring to the rule after Belichick’s press conference.

Week 7 Studs

LG Logan Mankins

TE Rob Gronkowski

DT Joe Vellano

MLB Brandon Spikes

FS Devin McCourty

Week 7 Duds

QB Tom Brady

RG Dan Connolly

C Ryan Wendell

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