Nov 302013

Last week: 3 (+0)

Record: 9-2

Like Denver/New England could have been AFC Championship part 1 last week, Seattle/New Orleans could be NFC Championship part 1 this week. There are several reasons why. Of course, these are currently the two best teams in the NFC record wise, but both teams are also dominant at home. That means, if they get a top-2 seed and a first round bye, they are basically in the NFC Championship game, with a bye and a home game before that. Once there, home field advantage is going to be incredibly important because of how good these two teams are at home. In fact, if we assume the winner of this game gets the #1 seed, the winner of this game probably has a better chance than not of going all the way to the Super Bowl. This might be even bigger than the NFC Championship game because it could decide the NFC Championship game.

Week 12 Studs

RB Pierre Thomas

LG Ben Grubbs

LE Akiem Hicks

RE Cameron Jordan

Week 12 Duds

MLB Curtis Lofton

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