Oct 032013

Last week: 18 (-3)

Record: 0-4

Like with the Steelers, the Giants have not won a game and are ranked ahead of teams that have won games. Again, if you want teams sorted by record, go to ESPN.com’s NFL Standings (or their NFL Power Rankings because they’re pretty much the same thing). Any talk of firing Tom Coughlin (or Mike Tomlin for that matter) is absurd. If the Giants had lost to the Cowboys week 17 in 2011 and missed the playoffs, rather than winning that 2nd Super Bowl, I kind of would have understands the calls for his job, but after he won that 2nd Super Bowl, he guaranteed himself job security for life. He’s signed to an expensive contract through 2014, which he signed after the 2nd Super Bowl season, and may retire at the end of next season, though he’s earned the right to continue coaching if he chooses to.

Week 4 Studs

DT Mike Patterson

CB Prince Amukamara

Week 4 Duds

RG James Brewer

TE Brandon Myers

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