Mar 062016

Von Miller Denver Broncos 6-year, 110 million Kirk Cousins Washington Redskins 1-year, 20 million Olivier Vernon Jacksonville Jaguars 5-year, 70 million Muhammad Wilkerson Chicago Bears 5-year, 70 million Malik Jackson Oakland Raiders 5-year, 68 million Josh Norman Carolina Panthers 5-year, 66 million Brock Osweiler Denver Broncos 3-year, 45 million Cordy Glenn Buffalo Bills 5-year, 62 […]

Dec 162014

During the NFL offseason, we tend to hear a lot about what players are doing wrong, or at least the controversies that come up in their lives. A few years back, it was the horrible news that former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez was being arrested on suspicion of murder. This year, we’ve heard stories ranging […]

May 092014

* = Player had private visit with team 33. Houston Texans- DT Louis Nix (Notre Dame) 34. Washington Redskins- OT Morgan Moses* (Virginia) 35. Cleveland Browns- WR Marqise Lee (USC) 36. Oakland Raiders- QB Derek Carr* (Fresno State) 37. Atlanta Falcons- TE Jace Amaro* (Texas Tech) 38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- QB Jimmy Garoppolo* (Eastern Illinois) […]

Jan 032014

I’ve saved the most obvious one for last. Anyone who doesn’t vote for Peyton Manning this year is doing it to be edgy, because he personally hates Peyton Manning, because he doesn’t like the word unanimous, because he’s an asshole, or probably some mix of the four. The only two interesting debates around MVP this […]

Dec 282013

Quarterback: Tom Brady, Patriots; Drew Brees, Saints; Peyton Manning, Broncos; Cam Newton, Panthers; Philip Rivers, Chargers; Russell Wilson, Seahawks Brady, Brees, Manning, Rivers, and Wilson will get no arguments from me. I voted for all 5 of them. I had Nick Foles over Cam Newton. I like Cam Newton. I thought the criticism he took early in his career was baseless, but there’s no way he […]

Dec 262013

QB: Peyton Manning (Denver), Philip Rivers (San Diego), Drew Brees (New Orleans), Russell Wilson (Seattle), Tom Brady (New England), Nick Foles (Philadelphia) RB: LeSean McCoy (Philadelphia), Jamaal Charles (Kansas City), Marshawn Lynch (Seattle), Adrian Peterson (Minnesota), Eddie Lacy (Green Bay), DeMarco Murray (Dallas) WR: Calvin Johnson (Detroit), Andre Johnson (Houston), Josh Gordon (Cleveland), Antonio Brown […]

Dec 252013

Likely to be fired Mike Munchak (Tennessee) Mike Munchak’s name has been on the hot seat for a while in Tennessee, with many believing he’d be fired last off-season. He was kept around, predictably as he had only finished his 2nd season with the team, but this time around he might not be so lucky. […]

Dec 232013

Jay Gruden Cincinnati OC, Age 47 in 2014 Gruden has done a fantastic job in Cincinnati getting the most out of Andy Dalton as their offensive coordinator, since taking over in 2011. He’s drawn the respect of the rest of the league and has been considered for head coaching jobs in the past, but has […]

Jun 042013

1. Houston Astros- RHP Jonathan Gray (Oklahoma) It’s between two right handed pitchers for the Astros right now, Mark Appel and Jonathan Gray, but I think Gray’s signability gets him the nod here given the state of the Astros’ organization. They can’t really go wrong with either and need as many talented prospects as they […]

Mar 122013

Quarterbacks Jason Campbell (Arizona): 1 year, 2 million Of all the quarterback needy teams, the Cardinals might be the neediest. Campbell is the best available quarterback on a weak quarterback market and he’d be a potential stopgap option for the Cardinals ahead of a rookie quarterback. Matt Cassel and Carson Palmer are also options for […]

Mar 102013

By Benjamin Collins The new NFL season doesn’t begin until September of this year, but already the odds and futures betting for the new season have started, which reflects the popularity of betting on the NFL amongst fans of both the sport and gambling. However, although it can be hard to resist getting in on […]

Mar 032013

Top-10 best contracts in the NFL 1. QB Russell Wilson (Seattle): 3 years, 1.987 million remaining You could make a case for Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, and Robert Griffin here, but Luck and Griffin are making 3 times as much money as Wilson and Wilson has still two more years left on his deal before […]

Jan 262013

The reasons for not trading Darrelle Revis are obvious. When healthy, this guy is not only the Jets’ best player, but probably the best defensive back in the entire NFL and maybe even the best overall defensive player in the NFL. Including this year, when he played just 1 ½ games thanks to injury, Revis […]

Jan 252013

4-3 to 3-4 Atlanta Falcons This one isn’t confirmed, but Falcons’ defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is a 3-4 guy. He did a great job in his first season with the Falcons, coaching them to a top-5 scoring defense, despite having to run a 4-3, because he wisely realized they didn’t have the personnel for an […]

Jan 202013

Unlike with several college football awards, I don’t actually get a say in these NFL awards, but I like to make my opinion known on them. These picks are who deserves to win the awards, not who will. None of these awards take into account post-season performance. MVP: RB Adrian Peterson (Minnesota) I was meaning […]

Dec 282012

Definitely Not* Bill Belichick Joe Philbin Mike Tomlin John Harbaugh Marvin Lewis Gary Kubiak Chuck Pagano/Bruce Arians John Fox Tom Coughlin Mike Shanahan Mike McCarthy Leslie Frazier Sean Payton** Mike Smith Greg Schiano Jim Harbaugh Pete Carroll Jeff Fisher Probably Not Dennis Allen Jason Garrett Lovie Smith Jim Schwartz Maybe Not Rex Ryan Mike Munchak […]

Dec 262012

On Twitter (@stevenlourie), I tweeted “It’s the most infuriating day of the year. Time to read this year’s Pro-Bowl rosters.” And I’m not referring to the stupidity of a game that none of the players care about anyway (my solution: make it like All-American teams, announce the teams, but never play the game. It’s still […]