Apr 052015

1. St. Louis Rams- DT Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma) The argument before the 2010 NFL Draft was Sam Bradford or Ndamukong Suh. While Suh has clearly been the right answer of those two, Suh actually hasn’t even been the best defensive tackle in this draft class. Both Suh and McCoy have been top-4 defensive tackles on […]

Jan 202014

1. Detroit Lions- QB Matt Stafford (Georgia) If the Lions had to do it all over again, I don’t think they’d change anything here. After some early career injury problems, Stafford has played all 48 games in the past 3 seasons, completing 60.7% of passes for an average of 7.24 YPA, 90 touchdowns, and 52 […]

Mar 032013

1. Miami Dolphins- QB Joe Flacco (Delaware) There was nothing wrong with taking Jake Long #1 overall in 2008. However, the Dolphins made the playoffs in just one of his five seasons so far and that was the one year Chad Pennington explicably finished as the runner up in MVP*. Long might not have been […]

Sep 072012

1. Oakland Raiders- WR Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech) Hmm…Calvin Johnson or JaMarcus Russell? Calvin Johnson or JaMarcus Russell? The Raiders obviously would have liked to have been able to get a franchise quarterback here because that was a huge need and such an important position, but there simply wasn’t one available. Look at the list […]

Sep 072012

1. Houston Texans- DE Mario Williams (NC State) Normally if there’s a franchise quarterback available, I would put him #1 because those guys are just so valuable, and there is one available this year, Jay Cutler. However, the Texans got Matt Schaub the following offseason and things worked out pretty well for them with this […]

Sep 062012

1. San Francisco 49ers- QB Aaron Rodgers (California) This is a no brainer. I don’t care how much 49ers fans might like Alex Smith now. They’d all do this move in a heartbeat. 2. Miami Dolphins- RLB DeMarcus Ware (Troy) The Dolphins used a 2nd round pick on Matt Roth so pass rush was obviously […]